The past three games have been a bit tough on the Six Nations Rivermen.

They made a swift come back after taking a loss to their top rivals the Oakville Titans during their last home game, as they travelled to face the Brooklin Merchants on Saturday, May 25 at the Children’s Arena.

Wayne VanEvery and Rayce Vyse opened scoring in the first period for the Rivermen, as the Merchant played catch up for majority of the game from this initial lead. While returning three times, the Rivermen maintained with two more from Leland Powless and Wayne VanEvery with his second.

Leading into the second period, Wayne Hill, Jon Williams and Gates Abrams went for singles while Wayne VanEvery earned his third for a hat-trick. The Merchants mustered one answer but the period closed for the Rivermen with a lead of 9-4.

The third period allowed the Merchants to put away two goals, but the Rivermen were quick to cancel them. Ian Martin put his first away, while Gates Abrams sold his second and Daniel Farmer and Kyle Isaacs earned singles.

This closed the contest at a comfortable 13-6 for the Rivermen.

The following week, they hosted the Merchants on home soil at the Gaylord Powless Arena on Saturday night but were left to play catch up.

The first period gave way to goals from Greg Longboat Jr., and Gates Abrams, with one answer from the Merchants.

Into the second period the Rivermen maintained control of the scoreboard as Greg Longboat Jr., went for his second while Haneh Brant, Jon Williams and Wayne VanEvery went for singles. The Merchants only answered once, which gave way to the third period with the Rivermen in the lead 6-3.

But the Merchants seemed to wake up in the third, as right off the bat they earned four consecutive goals and slashed the Rivermens lead. Gates Abrams was able to connect with his second of the game, but the Merchants were keen on controlling the ball as they ran several successful plays. By the end Zach Williams buried the final goal, but didn’t break the Merchants lead as the game finalized 8-9.

The following evening, the Rivermen visited Owen Sound to face the North Stars.

The Rivermen took the lead as they answered the North Stars two goals with three from Gates Abrams, Jon Williams and Wayne Hill.

But in the second, the North Stars owned the scoring as they raced up three with only one return from Joe Maracle Jr..

In the third, the Rivermen could only muster a single goal to take chip at the North Stars by Joe Maracle Jr., for his second. The North Stars answered and finalized the game 5-6.

Thus, the North Stars climbed in rankings above the Merchants, but the Rivermen continue to rest in second.

Their next home game will take place on Sunday, June 23 at 4 p.m., against the Merchants within the Gaylord Poles Arena.

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