Six hosts Nations Lacrosse Tournament

SIX NATIONS — A great weekend of lacrosse was provided for players and spectators from Thursday, May 10 to Sunday, May 13 in the form of the Nations Lacrosse Tournament held at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena and the Gaylord Powless Arena.

Divisions from Novice to Junior were allowed game play versus other Haudenosaunee nation teams as well as visiting teams from the West Coast.

The Six Nations Junior/Intermediate Girls Team took home gold after defeating the All Nations Junior/Intermediate Girls Team 5-2.

The Oneida Novice Boys Team won bronze after defeating the Six Nations Novice Boys 2 Team 9-2, while the Six Nations Novice Boys 1 Team won gold with a final score of 4-2 over the Tuscarora Novice Boys Team.

The Tyendinega Peewee Boys Team won bronze versus the Six Nations Peewee Boys 3 Team, while the Oneida Peewee Boys Team won gold over the Six Nations Peewee 2 Team.

The Oneida Bantam Boys Team won bronze over the Six Nations bantam Boys 2 Team, while the Six Nations Bantam Boys 1 Team won 6-5 over the Akwesasne Bantams Boys Team.

The Six Nations Junior/Intermediate Boys 2 Team won bronze versus the Six Nations Junior/Intermediate Boys 1 team with a final score of 8-7.

The finale of the tournament matched up the final two teams in the junior/intermediate division: the North Shore Indians of British Columbia and the Mohawk Militia of Six Nations.

With scoring from Marshall Powless, Luke Montoure, Owen Martin and Damonie Thomas and assists from Montoure, Lindyn Hill, Justin Martin, Dawit Martin, Owen Martin, Ross Hill and Thunder Hill, the game was secured by the Mohawk Militia 8-6.

During the tournament, four set of lacrosse equipment were stolen from players of the Akwesasne Bantam 1 Boys Team. They were later replaced in full by Curt Styres, Trisha Jamieson, the Six Nations Rebels Lacrosse Organization and Brian Miller, and Darcy Powless and Skahendowaneh Swamp lent the players equipment in the mean time.

Each of the teams were sent off with well wishes and safe travels.

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