Six Nations girls intermediate lacrosse team makes history

As the largest celebration of Minor Lacrosse commenced in Whitby, Ont., so did the rumblings of something bigger.

After years of learning, discipline, teamwork and skilled coaching the Six Nations Warriors Girls Intermediate ‘A’ Lacrosse Team came home provincial champions last Thursday, and pushed forward the notion that girls lacrosse is evolving.

The Warriors came out as the underdogs in their pool after losing their first game versus the Centre Wellington Mohawks 2-1, and making a stark comeback by defeating the Nepean Knights 7-0. This brought the team to face the Clarington Gaels, who had come out on top in their pool. The Gaels had been undefeated in the tournament, but the Warriors made a huge effort by majorly controlling the scoreboard in all areas. The Warriors took the win 4-2 to move onto the championship game and his brought them face-to-face with the team that had been ranked as No. 1 all season, the Kingston Crossfire. Coaches explained to the Warriors that it would come down to which team wanted it more, and this definitely showed as the Warriors blasted the Crossfire with a final score of 5-2.

The team, coaching and bench staff are the first to help bring the title of the Girls Intermediate ‘A’ Provincial Championship home to Six Nations. With special thanks to Head Coach Chuck Martin, Assistant Coach Tim Bomberry, Manager Taina Lickers, and Bench Help Tyler Bomberry and Phillip Grosbeck for their dedication and time. The team and its success this season has inspired some of the team to share their voices:

Fawn Porter, Assistant Captain:

“When we play, all I usually ask for is for my team to come back in one piece and for everyone to give it their all and to honestly just love having their time on the floor.

This big win took me completely by surprise. I always knew our girls could do this, right from the first try out you could see all the potential.
It was just an indescribable feeling winning Provincial Champs.

In the game I just remember laying on the floor of the last goal we got, ready to celebrate because I knew the team was not going to let anything change that scoreboard. I remember the high energy on the bench and you could just feel the need for that gold medal. We didn’t want it, we needed it.

I still can’t believe we won. I have friends from other teams that were calling us the dark-horse that was going to come and steal the championship title.

It was a great season with the team. The girls played amazing and worked hard, they never let up thanks to the magnificent coaches, managers, doormen and goal-advisers pushing us. I especially want to thank my dad though, for starting this league on our “rez” again so a few awesome girls could take it to the Championship one day.

All it takes is ‘one focking fake’ girls.”

Hayley Grosbeck, Offence/Defence:

“Winning ‘A’ has set a precedent for us as young women and hopefully encourages more girls to come out.

It definitely wasn’t an easy seven to eight years for some us, when it came to not having commitment from some of the team or politics on the bench. But we persevered and continued forward, coming back every year always stronger from the year before.

I’d like to thank those who have stepped up to the plate and taught us all that we know and always have seen the potential we didn’t always see in ourselves. For the parents and families who have come and supported us at every game — you have all made us the players we are today.

From the encouragement, faith and somewhat tough love pushes along the way to believe in ourselves that we are capable of achieving this awesome accomplishment goes truly beyond saying … thank you!”

Tawnee Martin, Creaseman:

“It felt awesome to win provincials with my family.

I had my sister on the floor with me and my dad on the bench. Me and my sister have been playing for five years now and never got to play a game with each other, so now the year that we play together, we win provincials.

It’s an awesome feeling.”

With many of the team graduating or switching to field lacrosse to seek academic careers and scholarships, the team collectively hopes to inspire more girls to use lacrosse as a pathway to strive for success and to carry the Creator’s Game.

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