SN girls force tie

SIX NATIONS — Last Wednesday, the Six Nations Intermediate Girls Box Lacrosse Team hosted the Simcoe TimberWolves as practice before entering a home-tournament the following weekend.

Both teams hustled in the first and second periods but only the Timberwolves were able to connect as they racked up two goals.

The final period seemed to be the stretch that the Warriors could make, as the Timberwolves began to suffer from a short bench.

This allowed to punishing goals within a minute of one another; including an unassisted bury by Hailee Johnson, and a single by Hayley Grosbeck from Danny Hill and Coral VanEvery.

Before the period could end however, a Tmberwolves player suffered from an injury that needed ambulance escort from the arena.

This brought the officials to call the game at a tie and let the clock run out with a score of 2-2.

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