SN Int. Warriors cinch ‘A’ title

SIX NATIONS — Defeating the St. Catharines Athletics during game one in the Intermediate ‘A’ Final series brought the SN Intermediate Warriors to a lead 1-0 for the best of three.

This meant that they only needed to win Monday night’s game at the Gaylord Powless Arena to earn themselves a 2019 title and banner.

This was a feat they were prepared to take on.

The first period opened up with an unassisted goal by Greg Lightheart just three minutes in. This was followed by two consecutive goals from Todd Thomas Jr., with assists from Emmet Smith and Zane Pearson.

Unfortunately for the Athletics, they were given no ground to stand on for the full 15 minutes and left the scoreboard 3-0 leading into the second.

However, they were able to bury off of the draw unassisted as the second began, but this would close scoring for them for the rest of the period.

The Warriors were quick to continue their momentum with a hat-trick goal by Todd Thomas Jr., with an assist from Jordan Mike. Mike then went on to help the next two goals by Emmet Smith, who buried twice in a row.

This finished the second period 6-1, which was alarming for the Athletics, who left the floor with obvious irritation. By the third period, this translated into several penalties for both sides, and allowed the Athletics to bury twice.

But Landon General buried from Smith while Bryson Staats caught a pass from Mike and buried from the outside.

This brought the game to an easy close for the Warriors, who came out on top 8-3.

The team then lined up on the floor to receive the Intermediate ‘A’ Title Banner, while family and friends flooded the arena floor soon after to celebrate.

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