SN Junior C. Warriors take a loss to the Thistles

SIX NATIONS — Full of pest-like defenders and determined offence, the Fergus Thistles started out slow but won the race versus the Six Nations Junior ‘C’ Warriors at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Saturday, June 9.

The initial first period placed the Warriors ahead by two, as goals went in one after the other by Luke Montour, Jaxon Martin with two and Jordan Myke. The Thistles could only muster a two goal return by the end of the period and it looked like the Warriors were well in for a win.

But as the game progressed, the Warriors couldn’t quite seem to connect on offence as the Thistles would rush their offenders and be quick to collapse to the inside and scoop up rebounds.

This began in the second period, as the Thistles seemed to wake up and the Warriors seemed to relax and focus on defence. But this brought out three penalties for the Warriors and left them one man short for a full nine minutes of the period.

This allowed the Thistles to rack up a full eight goals, even though they themselves were a man short for twelve minutes. The extra space with four on four was used for quick cuts and on-time break aways for the Thistles, which led to the Warriors only putting three into the net as a return. One unassisted goal by Kennedy Miller, one from Martin and another from Jon Perry ended the period.

Beginning the third period 7-10, the Warriors seemed focused on fixing the deficit as only with a minute into the period Perry scored his second from Martin, from Matthew Miller. But Zach Cameron of the Thistles was quick to return two more.

The Thistles then earned two more goals before the Warriors made a return. Todd Thomas Jr. shot from the outside with a nice picked corner, and two minutes later Jaxon Martin scored his fourth of the game.

But that would close scoring for the Warriors for the rest of the period, even though the opportunity for a few easy power-play goals was set up with the Thistles in the box.

The game ended with the Thistles scoring a final goal unassisted for a final of 10-15.

While previously defeating the Thistles 22-9, the Warriors are still on top in the West Division regular league standings with 20 points.

They will host the Wilmott Warriors at the ILA next week on Saturday, June 16 at 2 p.m..

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