Vancouver Warriors sign Chase Scanlan

VANCOUVER — The Vancouver Warriors have signed Chase Scanlan of the Seneca Nation’s Cattaraugus Territory, the power forward that was arrested twice last year.

The Warriors announced his arrival at the start of September, joining as a free agent.

Scanlan was kicked off of the University of Syracuse field lacrosse team after his arrest in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in May of 2021. The player was later arrested for driving while intoxicated and without a licence a few months later in September. Both incidents happened in two different parts of New York State.

Scanlan made a deal in April of this year to avoid a criminal charges if he stays clear of the law for another year.

That process, known as an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, is still underway with charges of mischief that remain pending under technicality. Scanlan’s deal to avoid conviction also contains a requirement not to contact the woman involved.

Scanlan has since taken a 14-week domestic violence prevention classes. In terms of the incident itself, details were filed in a police report that outlets in New York State published at the time, detailing that the woman involved has bruising on her ribs and that she feared for her life.

On September 17, USA Lacrosse issued an apology for an article that was released the day prior that wrote that Scanlan had released a statement to City News Vancouver through the Warriors.

“USA Lacrosse condemns any narrative which minimizes the traumatic events experienced by domestic violence survivors. To indicate that we do not recognize the sensitivity of this topic was not out intention and for that, we sincerely apologize,” reads the statement.

The deal with the Warriors was sign for 1-year on September 6, but details of Scanlan’s contract with Vancouver were not announced. Inside Lacrosse wrote that Scanlan spent a year off the field before joining the Western Lacrosse Association’s Langley Thunder at the end of May; he scored 29 goals in 16 games as part of the Vancouver-based team.

The same team competed for the Mann Cup against the Major Series Lacrosse champion, the Peterborough Lakers, who won for the fourth time on September 17 over the Thunder.

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