Lakers and penalty box beat eliminate Warriors

SIX NATIONS/PETERBOROUGH — After a great regular season, (baring disciplinary issues with the league which cost them nine wins and home floor advantage) the Six Nations Jr. C Warriors fell apart in the playoffs and were eliminated by the Peterborough Jr. C Lakers 9-4 at the Peterborough Memorial Gardens, Wednesday Aug. 5th.

The Warriors certainly showed they had the individual talent to go further but as a team, they imploded with the penalty box doing as much damage as the Lakers to the Warriors hopes for a Jr. C Championship.

As in the previous two games, Wednesday’s lack of leadership and individual discipline turned the game yet another fight-filled affair, as was the case in Games #1 and #2.

The most telling stats in the series were the penalty totals. The Lakers piled up 143 penalty minutes on 43 infractions, while the Warriors earned 201 minutes on 60 infractions.

Wednesday night Jeremy Bomberry, Briley Skye and Spencer Martin scored for Six Nations to stay even with the Lakers. Six Nations was shut out of the second period while Peterborough added two more.

Isaiah Mt. Pleasant netted the last Warriors goal of the game and the season at 8:41 to offer some hope, down by only one with 11 minutes left to make that up. But thoughts turned to matters other than getting that all important tying goal, and the penalty parade began again, robbing the Warriors on any possibility of a momentum shift.

“Well it was a good run,” said general manager Jay Smith in a facebook message. “I am humbled by the experience of being the general manager of a jr. team for the first time ever. Heads high Warriors. Through the adversity we faced this year and to still come out with a medal says something in itself. Thank you for having me aboard.”

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