Novice lose to Twin Centre Stars 2–4

OHSWEKEN – The Twin Centre Stars won 2–4 as Six Nations Novice couldn’t seem to redeem the final two point lead on Sunday, Jan. 10.

The score board remained unchanged for both sides throughout the first, as both teams seemed to need to get into the game, with many focusing on maintaining possession, rather than moving the puck.

As the second period seemed to lengthen due to the lack of scoring, Stars player Rowan Hundison struck the first goal of the game. However, not even a minute later, Averee Sault returned with a quick shot, assisted by Chaz Hill and Brylyn VanEvery.

A beautiful two on two had Ryerson Montour feed the puck to Averee Sault, resulting in a nice shot opportunity.
A beautiful two on two had Ryerson Montour feed the puck to Averee Sault, resulting in a nice shot opportunity.

Six Nations offence continued to fight to get the puck in front of the Stars net, but their shot opportunities were disabled as the Stars defence prevented their efforts by crowding the puck carrier. With their defence retrieving the puck quickly, the Stars scored again with only a few seconds left nearing the end of the second period.

Moving on into the third, fighting to move the puck up the ice proved to be quite taxing on Six Nations, but their triumph was rewarded as Sault was set up by his team mates yet again, with assists by Trinity MacDonald and Ryerson Montour.

The game remained a tie until the stamina of Six Nations began to wane. Taking advantage of the loss of gusto, both Eli Martin and Hunter Bender scored almost one after the other for the Stars. With minutes of the period remaining, Six Nations couldn’t muster the offensive power to return the unanswered goals.

In the final minute of the game, Six Nations pulled their goalie to be given an extra player in an attempt to nab an extra goal. Those watching in the stands were either standing or sitting in suspense, as Six Nations lost possession of the puck shortly after the face-off.

Luckily, the Six Nations defence prevented another goal, and the team left the ice with an obvious determination to bring a better game next time.

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