Newcomers take in the races at Bradshaw Brothers media night

OHSWEKEN – First timers Jeremy Bochenek (left) and Chris Breimer (right) say they definitely got some excitement out of the Ohsweken Speedway’s races last weekend.

“It was awesome!” said 24-year-old Bochenek, who has lived in Hamilton his whole life. “I’ve been meaning to make it out to the speedway for the longest time, but I just never got around to it.”

Sponsors Bradshaw Brothers presented the speedway’s media night and spectators enjoyed watching 360 Sprint car races, 602 Crate Sprints, Thunder Stock races, Mini Stock races and Bombers.

“So intense,” said Bochenek. “When the driver’s take the corners at those speeds it just shows their skill. I definitely couldn’t do it, but it’d be so sweet to be inside one of those sprints sometime.”

The two friends stayed for the entire event and were super impressed with the entertainment.

“Tickets are a good price, food is good and the races were awesome,” said Breimer, 25. “The engines were louder than I thought and I should have brought ear plugs with me, but at least now I know for next time.”

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