Six Nations Novice take down the titans

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Novice ran the Tavistock Titans through the mud on Sunday, March 6, winning the game 7-3.

The first period shone a lot of light on Averee Sault, who scored twice with the help of Trinity MacDonald and Ryerson Montour.

Following with the second period, Mace Anthony scored with an assist by Ryden Bomberry. But, to put a line on the score board the Titans scored at the end of the period.

The third period allowed Anthony to score his second goal, with a lot of movement on offence. But, within two minutes the Titans scored another. This opened Sault to shine yet again, as he took the puck and dangled around the Titans defence to score a hat trick unassisted. Shortly after, “Nolo” Squire scored with an assist by Greason Martin.

However, the Titans returned one more, which was snuffed out when Averee Sault scored again after a pass from AP Cooper Anderson.

This finalized the game 7-3, with the Novice players high-fiving one another as they left the ice.

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