Six Nations Peewees hold a firm shut out

OHSWEKEN – With a lot of gumption and control, the Six Nations Peewees held a nice shut out against the Embro Edge 2–0 on Sunday, Jan. 31.

Using a lot of speed, the Peewees manipulated the puck and maintained possession for most of the first period. The period was played in the Edge’s end, and the Peewees continued to move the puck well to make Edge defenders chase them. This opened the front of the net for several shot opportunities, seeming to warm Six Nations up for the next period.

Entering the second period, the Peewees used a lot of aggression leaning into Edge’s defencemen and shoving with their shoulders to push them out of the way. This opened for a quick passing play for Nolan Jonathan to feed the puck from Damon Decaire to Thunder Hill, who scored the first goal to take away from the double zero tie. But, the aggression got a little too obvious, and landed Cole Powless and Blair Green in the penalty box.

With two in the penalty box, the performance of Peewee Goalie Marlee Montour started to shine, as she snatched the puck from the air and blocked several other shots with her glove and body.

Unsatisfied with the one goal lead in the third, Powless received a pass from Jonathan and took the puck to the net. After a short break away, Powless brought the puck to the right and shot to the left, leaving Edge Goalie Russ Sorren flat on his stomach and the puck in the net.

Nearing the end of the game, the Edge offence desperately shot from just past the red line. The Peewees simply deflected shot attempts and played with the puck until the buzzer went.

The plan to play more games like this in the future was obvious in the team’s excitement leaving the ice.

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