Six Nations Peewees take the Cayuga Stars 3-1

OHSWEKEN – After a loss to the Plattsville Rage due to a third period comeback last week, the Six Nations Peewee Hockey Team won a swift victory over the Cayuga Stars on Sunday, December 13 at the Gaylord Powless Arena.

Rather than succumbing to the third period, this game showed that the Peewees learned just how quickly a game can turn around, and used it to their advantage.

Early on in the first period, Six Nations maintained possession, but the Stars were rewarded with a high left corner goal in the beginning of the second period made by #5.

Rather than being discouraged, Six Nations got right back into the game as Cole Powless quickly returned the goal, taking advantage of the coordinated puck control performed by his team.

Swiftly moving into the third period, Powless again secured another goal as the Six Nations goalie continued to block high and low shots, even absorbing a shot to the face mask.

With the work of the Six Nations goalie and defense, the Stars seemed to lose momentum, as reaching the end of the third period the team couldn’t come together to answer the one goal lead.

Taking advantage of the Stars loss of gumption and to lock the win, #11 scored again for Six Nations at the end of the third.

With a nice two point lead and a great display of team work and skill, the Six Nations Peewees finished on top.

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