Slight loss for the Bantams

OHSWEKEN – Six Nations Bantams tried hard to tie the game, but lost 1–2 on Sunday, Jan. 31 to the Ingersoll Express.

The first period started out well, as the Bantams used a lot of speed and direct, quick passes, maneuvering around the Express defence. Bantam Captain Sandy Porter and Kessler Skye as well, had no problem scoring possession off of the face offs.

But, the Six Nations slack in defence near the end of the period allowed an Express forward to intercept the puck. Unable to catch the attacker, the Bantams left the break away to their goalie and the Express scored the first goal of the game.

The second period held the same pace as the first, as the Bantams continued to obtain puck possession and take shot opportunities. But, their passes faltered as many whizzed past their teammates, resulting in turn overs.

Getting frustrated with the loss of the puck, Assistant Captain George Bomberry took the first penalty of the game for holding. Taking advantage of the one man deficit, the Express set up for a quick break away and their second goal.

Rather than accepting the two point lead nearing the end of the second, Devin Jamieson took a chance with a far out shot. He slapped the puck at the right moment for two for the Express defenders to move out of the way, and the puck whizzed right by the goalies glove.

The first half of the third started out with a lot of promise, as the Six Nations Bantams did their best on defence to prevent shots. However, during the second half, their forwards were frustrated when their shots either hit the goalie in the belly, or didn’t hit the net at all.

By the end of the third, the team pulled their goalie and lost possession to the Express after a shot on the net. Rather than allowing another goal for the Express, Jamieson tripped the offender with his stick and flicked the puck behind him.

This resulted in a tripping penalty, but Jamieson dropped his stick in frustration and was asked to leave the ice. One man down, the Bantams defence kept the score the same and left the ice with a determination that was shown the next day versus the Hagersville Hawks, as they won 5–2.

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