Tempers flare as Bantam Reps face off Tillsonburg Tornadoes

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Bantams were faced with the decision of whether to focus on the puck, or to feed into aggression and retaliation as they played the Tillsonburg Tornadoes on Sunday, Jan. 10.

The beginning of the first period quickly went to Six Nations, as their defence pressured puck carriers to immediately regain possession. Their efforts were rewarded as John Miller scored, assisted by Reid Bomberry and Ross Hill. Minutes later, Kevin Hill connected with the back of the net, unassisted.

Shortly after, Tillsonburg revved up with aggression, and pulled two of the Six Nations players into the penalty box. However, Tillsonburg was unable to score as the hard working defence deflected shot attempts.

Nearing the end of the first, a Tillsonburg player appeared to be checked from behind by Devin Jamieson, but actually slipped into Jamieson after a shove from another player. Jamieson was called for a two minute penalty for checking from behind and Tillsonburg scored a quick goal on the power play, and another two to follow.

The second period seemed to fall into a hole, as Six Nations acquired five penalties and Tillsonburg three. However, Jamieson slapped the puck into the back of the net, with assists by Rycol Davis and Assistant Captain Austin Gardener. But, the end of the second was met with two goals by Tillsonburg.

The third period continued with the same aggression dragged on throughout the game, with four penalties for Six Nations and three more for Tillsonburg. However, the energy spent on the aggression caused Six Nations to lose much needed endurance, as the team seemed to slow.

Braydon Verschueren scored the final goal of the game for Tillsonburg and proved that retaliation truly isn’t worth it, making the game a 6–3 loss for Six Nations.

Snvt1 & Snvt2: A beautiful shot made by Devin Jamieson, assisted by Rycol Davis and Assistant Captain Austin Gardener that went right by the Tillsonburg goalie.

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