U-19 World Lax Challenge starts Sept 11, at ILA

SIX NATIONS — One thing is for sure around Six Nations, and that is there will always be someone playing a high level of lacrosse all year long. Now that the Warriors, Slash, Rebels, Arrows, Chiefs and Rivermen have all finished for the season, it’s tournament time between now the start of the Canadian Lacrosse League (CLax) winter league.

The Iroquois Lacrosse Arena will be the venue for the 2015 U-19 World Lacrosse Challenge beginning this Friday, Sept 11th to 13th. The very best young prospects under 19 years of age will be showing off their talent for fans, recruiters and scouts, in this first ever event sanctioned and hosted by the Haudenosaunee.

“The passion and enthusiasm surrounding this event has been overwhelming,” said World Lacrosse Challenge Director Gewas Schindler. “This unique and exciting event has been re-branded to further emphasize its worldwide diversity, as well as the competitive and independent nature of the Challenge, which features several strong new entrants.”

The impressive list of teams registered gives evidence to the amazing growth and acceptance of the Creators Game, around the world.

Eight countries are expected to be represented in the event including three Haudenosaunee entrees, Iroquois East, Iroquois West and Iroquois Seneca; Squamish Nation of BC; Canada has three teams entered including Canada Atlantic and Quebec, CLax Jr. All Stars, and Canada West.

Representing the USA will be the US Indoors All-stars. Other international entrees include the Czech Jr’s; four Nordic teams made up of prospects from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden; Deutschland Adler representing Germany; and Team Israel where lacrosse is especially booming.

There will be some unfamiliar rules used in this tournament, including no wooden sticks. There will be one minute minor penalties and three minute major penalties. Fighting is not condoned in any form at the World Lacrosse Challenge. All fighting penalties will result in a major penalty, a game misconduct, and immediate expulsion from the tournament.

For Preliminary and Consolation Games, a game will consist of two 15-minute running-time periods. The last 2 minutes of the game will be stop time.

If a team has a four goal lead or greater, the game will continue to operate under running time through the final two minutes.

Fans can catch a glimpse of one of the international teams who will be participating in the Challenge with a warm-up exhibition game between the Wilmot Wild and Germany’s Deutschland Adler, at the Syl Apps Arena in Paris Ontario, Wednesday Sept. 9th at 8 pm.

This marks the very first time a U19 indoor lacrosse team from Europe plays a game in North America.

While the U-19 World Lacrosse Challenge is being held for the first time in September at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena, the fresh tournament now has a trophy with a surfeit of international lacrosse history: The Bowhunter Cup.

September’s event, which capped their schedule at 12 teams from across the globe, is the first-ever international U-19 indoor lacrosse event of its kind.

The tournament, which takes place from September 11-13 at Six Nations, was formally re-branded as The Challenge in March, and features a diverse lineup of both international club teams and national sides. The winner of The Challenge will hoist the Bowhunter Cup, which was ironically last raised at Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in 2013. The Cup, which was previously awarded to the winner of the annual game between the Iroquois Nationals and an American squad, is named for the sons of Rochester Knighthawks owner Curt Styres , Wake:Riat Bowhunter and Rato:Rats Bowhunter.

The international friendly was played annually for four years (2010-2013), with the Iroquois Nationals winning three of the four exhibitions.

            The Challenge, an independent event which is not affiliated with the FIL or the WILC, has released their schedule which can be found here.


Date Home   Away
September 11, 2015  Iro. West 9:00 am   Israel
September 11, 2015   Iro. East 10:00 am  Squamish
September 11, 2015   Czech 11:00 am   USIL
September 11, 2015  Atl & Quebec 12:00 pm   Iro. Seneca
September 11, 2015   Israel 1:00 pm   Adler
September 11, 2015   Nordic 2:00 pm   Can. West
September 11, 2015  Squamish 3:00 pm   USIL
September 11, 2015   Israel 4:00 pm  Atl & Quebec
September 11, 2015   Nordic 5:00 pm   Adler
September 11, 2015   Iro. Seneca 6:00 pm   Can. West
September 11, 2015  Iro. West 7:30 pm   Czech
September 11, 2015   Iro. East 8:30 pm   CLax
September 12, 2015   Nordic 9:00 am   USIL
September 12, 2015   CLax 10:00 am   Czech
September 12, 2015   Adler 11:00 am   Iro. Seneca
September 12, 2015  Iro. West 12:00 pm  Squamish
September 12, 2015   Iro. East 1:00 pm   Nordic
September 12, 2015   USIL 2:00 pm  Atl & Quebec
September 12, 2015   Can. West 3:00 pm   Adler
September 12, 2015   CLax 4:00 pm   Iro. Seneca
September 12, 2015   Czech 5:00 pm  Squamish
September 12, 2015  Iro. West 6:00 pm  Atl & Quebec
September 12, 2015   Can. West 7:00 pm   Iro. East
September 12, 2015   Israel 8:00 pm   CLax

9:00 PM Tiebreaker Shootouts



8:00AM 10 vs 11 9-12 Semifinal

9:00AM 9 vs 12 9-12 Semifinal

10:00AM 5 vs 8 5-8 Semifinal

11:00AM 6 vs 7 5-8 Semifinal

12:00PM 1 vs 4 Semifinal 3×12 stoppage time

1:30PM 2 vs 3 Semifinal 3×12 stoppage time

3:00PM 11th Place Game

4:00PM 9th Place Game

5:00PM 7th Place Game

6:00PM 5th Place Game

7:00PM Bronze Medal Game 3×12 stoppage time

8:30PM Gold Medal Game 3×12 stoppage time



Prices are listed below:

$12.00 full day adults

$5.00 full day 6-12 years

Free under 6 and over 55

Half day after 5PM

Adult $10.00

Kids free under 12

$30 Adult Weekend Pass

$12 Kids 6-12 years Weekend Pass.

All prices in CAD

Tickets available at the door.

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