Undefeated Girls Midget Warriors Bring Home Provincial Gold

After a triumphant season under the coaching of Timothy Bomberry, the Six Nations Girls Midget Warriors conquered in Whitby Provincials, finishing the championship game 6-5 against the Akwesasne Storm.

Along with winning the Midget Peterborough Tournament earlier in the season, the team had been placed in the A Division early on and the experience transferred into the B Division. Undefeated entering the semi-final game against the Clarington Gaels, the team battled for victory as the second period ended with a tie of 1-1. Timmia Bomberry (14) manipulated the ball and scored in sudden death overtime 2-1, solidifying the Warriors position in the championship.

The Akwesasne Storm suffered a tie but still held an almost undefeated score as well, however, the Warriors were well determined to leave the arena victors. With the number of shots taken throughout the game high, goal tender Julie-Anne Sandy ensured her team would not face a lower score than the Storm. Throughout the tournament, Sandy performed several shut outs and maintained the games in favour of her team.

While, Bomberry at the face-off brought the ball into possession throughout the game, incorporating timing and interception of long passes to maintain possession. Mineesha Webster (17) obtained possession with quick and skilled defense and carried the ball to help set her team mates shot opportunities.

With stick skill and experience far beyond her division, Brynn Koocher (4) scored three goals and tirelessly carried the ball to set plays and power plays with her team mates. Lauryn Hill (66) fed a  surprise goal right off the bench with a quick break away. While Mackenzie Bomberry (16) used her height and strength advantage to pepper the net, scoring one to tie up the game and another to bring her team ahead 6-5 in the last minutes of the game.

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