Night of Pro-Wrestling visits Hagersville

HAGERSVILLE – The Hagersville Community Centre opened its doors to WWE wrestling fans and pro-wrestling enthusiasts for an evening of exciting matches on Friday, June 16.

Fans from the Six Nations community mingled with enthusiasts from as far as Toronto to enjoy the packed show.

Co-ordinator and Promoter Shayne Maracle said he felt “ecstatic” about the great turn out for the event.

“Everything went perfect,” said Maracle. “It went better than I could have possibly imagined.”

After a long-fought match between headliners “Big City 6ix” Anthony Fiasco and “Night Train” Justin Sane, it was Justin Sane that won the match with a swift comeback. Photo by Chezney Martin

Maracle explained that he and three friends, Jordan Yates, Christopher Hoover and Chris Decarvalho, organized the family-friendly event in the hopes that the event would take off, and it did.

“Everyone had a great time and they were cheering, it was great,” he said.

“During the day it didn’t seem like the reaction was gonna be that great, but then toward he opening of the doors we looked outside and we were lined up down the block,” he said. “I’m in my 30s and I still love wrestling and I refuse to let that kid in me die.”

Maracle wasn’t alone as the ages in the audience had a vast range.

Bringing a taste of the ’80s back to the rink were matches between Freedom Wallace and Jozsef Alexiev with Baron Igor Sonovavich, “Maniacal” Nick Watts and “High Rick Hero” Rip Impact, “Starboi of Hamilton” Dylan Daniels and “Mr. Nice Guy” James Masterson, “Hipstar” Zakk Atticus and “Cuban Sensation” Elian Habanero, “Cocky Canuck” Daniel Parker and “Riot Maker” Holden Albright.

But the special challenge match included a mystery opponent versus “Superstar of David Tomer Shalom and the main event included a match between “Big City 6ix” Anthony Fiasco and “Night Train” Justin Sane.

Fiasco’s character played the “big city guy coming to a small town,” while Sane’s character was dubbed the “all-round good guy.” But getting into the wrestling scene for both wrestlers was something that started out when they were in the seats of the audience like many of the youth at the show.

“We wanted to do it growing up and we got into it, it’s that simple,” said Fiasco.

“I was always a secret fan when I was younger, but my parents wouldn’t let me watch it. So, I’d have to sneak to watch it,” said Sane. “Me being told not to do it made me want to do it even more [and then] I started training for it.”

The response to this event will have pro-wrestling making another come back in the near future, so keep an eye out for SKM Promotions if you missed it this time.

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