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  • The happiest kids on Sour Springs Road2

    Every year down on Six at New Years you will hear folks greeting each other with a festive “Nu-yah! Nu-yah!”. For some it is just another rez term. Nobody knows where it originated from. Nor do they know why you have to say it twice: that’s just how it is and how it always was.

  • A good old fashioned Indian Donut recipe4

    ‘Nu-Yah’ is fast approaching and is synonymous with Indian Donuts here on Six. This is one I am settled on although I have been known to add raisins much to my family’s dismay. This is the most basic recipe I’ve found. Give it a try!

  • In gaming conflict with the Oneida, Cayuga Nation gains support0

    The Cayuga Nation of New York has been in the news for economic development for the past few years. In 2012 the tribal government launched a Cayuga brand tribally manufactured cigarette. In 2013, the Cayuga Nation re-opened a Class II electronic bingo parlor in Union Springs, New York.

    The tribal government business plan has now received the support of a prominent group of elected councils. The United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) formed in 1968, is based in Nashville, Tennessee.