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  • FRO suspends lawyer’s drivers licence

    FRO suspends lawyer’s drivers licence7

    SIX NATIONS – Haudenosaunee Development Institute legal adviser Aaron Detlor has had his driver’s licence suspended as of September 13 when Family Responsibility Ontario (FRO) ordered the action on behalf of Detlor’s son and ex-wife. “These child support payments have lapsed more than $15,500 and our son and I are in desperate financial need,” said Hayley

  • HDI Lawyer Aaron Detlor removed from Six Nations

    HDI Lawyer Aaron Detlor removed from Six Nations7

    OHSWEKEN – A Canadian lawyer who has negotiated millions of dollars in energy deals for Six Nations of the Grand River was evicted from the community today. R. Aaron Detlor was confronted at his offices in Ohsweken at about 10am Tuesday morning and informed he had to leave the territory immediately. Witnesses said Detlor resisted