FRO suspends lawyer’s drivers licence

SIX NATIONS – Haudenosaunee Development Institute legal adviser Aaron Detlor has had his driver’s licence suspended as of September 13 when Family Responsibility Ontario (FRO) ordered the action on behalf of Detlor’s son and ex-wife.

“These child support payments have lapsed more than $15,500 and our son and I are in desperate financial need,” said Hayley Hofbauer, Detlor’s ex-spouse.

Once a delinquent support payment is reported past due for more than 30 days, the payer is sent a letter to demand payment on a client’s behalf. If payment is still not made for a total of three months, the delinquent party will have his drivers licence revoked until he or she is fully paid up. If this happens chronically, the payer will have his licence automatically revoked every 36 days if payments are not fully paid and on time.

Hofbauer said this is the situation regarding Detlor.

Records from the FRO show this is not the first time enforcement action has been taken against the lawyer for non-payment.

Hofbauer said, “This has been a years long battle to get him to uphold and respect the law and the court order.”

According to FRO documents, support payments were delinquent prompting a Writ of Seizure to be issued against Detlor’s assets in 2012 and 2013.

“I’ve had to employ a lawyer on several occasions to draft letters to prod him to cut a cheque,” said Hofbauer.

“That’s just another cost I can ill-afford to pay and for the record – since this support agreement was signed (4 years ago) ‑ Aaron has never honoured it once,” said Hofbauer. “Only when his drivers licence is threatened. It has been suspended before.”

The single mother has taken steps to contact the FRO, Ontario Ombudsman and provincial MP’s looking for answers and for someone to actively enforce child support payments are made on time.

Meanwhile the Haudenosaunee Development Institute has not publicly disclosed what the lawyer’s income has been for his legal services with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council.

The lawyer also has a private law office at Six Nations. Hofbauer said enforcing support payments have been tricky because Detlor’s income is on-reserve.

Attempts were made through FRO to garnish Detlor’s wages in 2013, but since Detlor is self-employed, this did not happen.

“His delinquent payments are certainly not because he can’t afford it,” said Hofbauer — citing that in 2013 Detlor sold his home in Toronto’s upper class Rathnelly neighbourhood for just over $1 million.

TRT sought an interview with Detlor to respond to the allegations about his licence suspension and delinquent child support payments.

In an email response Detlor said, “I can advise that all payments are current to date and I am unaware of any suspensions. Any delays have been incurred as a result of the assault by members of men’s fire in which you and your paper participated. I [sic] forwarding this email to my counsel and I would advise that you exercise caution…”

As of Tuesday evening FRO confirmed Detlor’s driver’s licence is currently suspended with no record of an arrears payment arrangement on file.

UPDATE: (9/22/16) – According to Hofbauer, FRO processed a payment for the full arrears of $15,500 as of 9/21. However, Hofbauer said, she is still currently awaiting receipt of those funds.

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  1. This man that certain people have aligned themselves with will throw anyone under the bus whether you are a title holder a bench warmer a faith keeper or the confederacy itself . Beware chiefs and clan mothers when this guy is dragged into court you think about how he treated his own family and you will see how important all of you have become. Also there are people from other nations compiling a list of all the things that Hccc in council have done that goes completely against the law the was given by the peace maker. They plan to rewrite the great peace with a new version, trouble is unlike the true law their law doesn`t include everyone.

  2. how is this news ????????

    are you going to publish all the dead beats on the reserve that don’t make there child support payments??

    or is this just smear campaign, trashy tabloid news reporting i could purchase at my local super market!!!!!!

    1. It doesn’t matter if 3000 other men are deadbeats. 3000 wrongs don’t make a right. I feel sorry for the kid, above all else. That being said, this is a personal matter and I’m not sure why or how it’s allowed to be published or why FRO would comment or “confirm” the veracity of what is normally a private matter. If there is a law that allows the FRO to publicly release family records, I’ve yet to see it. Also, we don’t know the full story. Maybe Detlor really is having financial difficulty. Who knows if he can even access the money from the sale of the home? What if it’s tied up somewhere else? There’s not enough information here to make a fair judgment either way, but one should never leap to the defense: “Well, other people do it, too.” Bottom line: it’s the kid that gets hurt in the process. Imagine what he’s thinking or feeling or if his friends see this story, since they most likely know who his dad is, being a public figure and all. I hope things work out for the sake of the kid.

  3. The man and I use the word man loosely here is a liar. Support your child and stop deflecting the issue as if someone else is to blame.

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