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  • FRO suspends lawyer’s drivers licence

    FRO suspends lawyer’s drivers licence7

    SIX NATIONS – Haudenosaunee Development Institute legal adviser Aaron Detlor has had his driver’s licence suspended as of September 13 when Family Responsibility Ontario (FRO) ordered the action on behalf of Detlor’s son and ex-wife. “These child support payments have lapsed more than $15,500 and our son and I are in desperate financial need,” said Hayley

  • HDI problem a failure to inform

    HDI problem a failure to inform1

    For Your Consideration By Sagoyesahtah The Samsung document was strictly guarded by the HDI and the personnel under its employ. The document itself contains language that directly states that “transparency is paramount to this agreement being legally binding.” It also contains a clause that could negatively impact the sovereign rights and privileges of ALL Haudenosaunee.