HDI Lawyer Aaron Detlor removed from Six Nations

OHSWEKEN – A Canadian lawyer who has negotiated millions of dollars in energy deals for Six Nations of the Grand River was evicted from the community today.

R. Aaron Detlor was confronted at his offices in Ohsweken at about 10am Tuesday morning and informed he had to leave the territory immediately. Witnesses said Detlor resisted being removed.

The collective was an assembly of Haudenosaunee citizens who said they were acting on instruction from an undisclosed number of traditional clan mothers belonging to the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council.

Trouble rose for Detlor at Six Nations last year when copies of an energy deal he negotiated for the Haudenosaunee people revealed he and members of the HDI agreed to sign contracts waiving the application of sovereign immunity for the Haudenosaunee people.

Detlor defended himself and the actions of HDI regarding the Samsung Agreements at last May’s Confederacy Council, claiming the sovereign immunity they waived was only applicable in the United States.

However, members nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy dwell on both sides of the Canada-US border, raising grave concerns over the potential that action had for disrupting peace and igniting internal strife among member nations of the Confederacy.

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  1. name calling is a pastime for NATIVES. Facts people, facts. Mens fire, a neo nazi group. I went looking for justice there and they simply dismissed me and one even asked if what I believed in was worth my life! HDI, overstepping boundaries. Stay within the area of the Six Nations, that does not include Wainfleet, Port Colborne or surrounding areas, not even Short Hills but I digress. Hazel Hill, I met her a few times and she seemed a logical person. Detlor is a LAWYIAR. Nothing more to add there. Two Row Times is a good publication. Mohawk workers, ineffective because they do not work together but there are a number of well read people there. BAND COUNCIL is an extension of the CANADIAN and ONTARIO GOVERNMENTS like it or not. Six Nation police….. a joke and a bad one at that. Confederacy, ???. CITIZENS of SIX NATIONS; know it or not, those of you with a BAND CARD are captured SLAVES under the CORPORATION of CANADA and not Indians. Need more proof? Ask!
    Most meetings are a waste of time because they end up in shouting matches or are shut down by those with their own agenda which may be quite different from an outcome that might be reached if a meeting were able to finish.
    Businesses using incorporated names either PROVINCIAL or FEDERAL are CANADIAN BUSINESSES. Any banking on RESERVATIONS is a CANADIAN BANK. In 1991, I was able to learn how to develop a Bank separate from CANADA or the USA.
    Justice, on a RESERVATION? What a quandrum. First, you must take responsibility for your actions before you can condemn anyone else. Our peoples do have laws but it is easier to pass it on to an outside entity and then complain when it does not suit us.
    Clan Mothers….. I wish sometimes that there were still some around and not just Six Nations but all of us. Fact is that greed, outside education, greed, widening world, greed, (boy that word greed pops up a lot) has more or less ended that era for us. Maybe we could go down the path with Elders. Elders of the commune rather than Mothers of a Clan? I know it is unthinkable which is why I think we should look at it. Whenever something goes wrong, it is the will of the Clan Mothers, which ones? no one knows. How about, the one saying,’ for the protection of our children’ or our women? Many women and children disappear everyday and not just NATIVE ones. Yes, I agree that we seem to be singled out and I have said and still say that many of these disappearances are a form of genocide. What I am getting at is that many times, those with less than honourable intentions will hide behind these phrases in order to push their own personal agenda…. money.
    Some time ago, I learned that the Great Law takes about 7 days to go through. Not having grown up in the Indian world, there was much I had to learn and still do. Once I was given information on the Great Law which was brought in by my brother, I concluded the following…… It is good that we all travel from far and near to assemble in this place to trade, socialize,catch up on news from each others communities and that after such a trip to arrive here at this place we must rest for a number of days (10). In that time, we will read the Great Law and discuss its meanings. Here is the “Great Law”;…………respect…………… now we can discuss what this means to each of us over the course of the days to come.

  2. Proof Positive that everything Men’s fire did yesterday was without ANYone’s authorization

    CALL THE OFFICE … arrange a time to meet with Mr. Detlor and he will show and explain to you everything you need to know. He has encouraged people to do that from day one, because these materials are NOT to become available in an electronic / email format. They have to stay original to their words / content. IF you attended the meetings, you’d know this … he tells people this every time they ask to see the documents …There wouldn’t be so many meetings if everyone attended, as things HAVE TO GET DONE. IF you can’t be bothered to attend meetings, DON’T BITCH about what has to be getting done – time is of the essence, Without YOUR authority – what a bold-faced piece of crap excuse that is

    What right does anyone have to cause a disruption to literally ALL of Mr. Detlor’s other clients he works with from HIS PRIVATE OFFICE? Any costs detriment to cases of his other clients should come out of the pockets of Men’s Fire group …

  3. It’s what happens when you DON’T ATTEND MEETINGS, to know, become “intelligent” to understand what’s going on, even within your own communities – you are fighting each other which ends up getting everyone NO WHERE. How do you expect to live in PEACE together, “Nation to Nation” when you canNOT even govern yourselves as ONE Nation … bunch of Idiotic, BUFFOONS

      1. Ya OK, anyhow I’m not associated with hdi, dettlor etc, wasn’t there and thank you for your opinion on me, good minds eh?

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