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  • Hamilton girl stalked, police reluctant to intervene12

    A Hamilton family has reached out to the Two Row Times in the hope that their daughter’s story could be heard. For over a month now, Danielle Heatley, 16 has been stalked, harassed and tormented by a man who allegedly suffers from schizophrenia. Three times now the accused, a homeless man with no fixed address, has approached Heatley and harassed her and she has gone to the police who have so far refused to lay charges against him.

  • Ernie Louttit and the investigation into “Starlight tours”1

    This month and year marks the 14th anniversary of the freezing deaths of three Indigenous men, two of whose lifeless bodies were found on the outskirts of Saskatoon. One man, Darrell Night, was also dropped off, but lived to tell the story of how he was picked up by police after leaving a party.

  • Justice for Levi0

    On June 24, 2009, Levi Schaeffer, 30 years old, was fatally shot by an Ontario Provincial Police officer. Since then, Levi’s mother, Ruth has been fighting for justice.

  • SWN Seismic Testing continues0

    NEW BRUNSWICK – SWN Resources employees and police officers are facing more protesters, as seismic testing continues in the area.

    Tension is building as opponents to shale gas exploration and development have set up a new camp on Highway 11 near the community of Laketon, near Kouchibouguac National Park.

  • Onkwehon:we war veteran arrested at Toronto2

    TORONTO, ON – Social media lit up with outrage this week as video of an Onkwehon:we War Veteran, Davyn Calfchild, being arrested at a public Toronto Remembrance Day Ceremony went viral. The video showed Davyn refusing to put away two traditional flags – the Hiawatha and the Unity Flag – and refusing to leave the public ceremony at the request of Toronto Police.

  • Rob Ford: Liability in Chief0

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has had a pretty rough two weeks. First came the revelation that a long-rumoured video in which he smokes crack cocaine was in police possession, leading the Mayor of Canada’s largest city to admit that he had indeed smoked crack during a “drunken stupor.” Days later, the Toronto Star released another video, this one showing Ford intoxicated and yammering on about hurting or killing someone.

    While one can’t underestimate his family’s staying power, it looks like Ford’s days may well be numbered.