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  • What if?0

    One day not too long ago I grabbed my kids from school early to get a yummy treat and sit outside in the fall sunshine. As we sat on a park bench drinking lattes and people watching a tall white guy appeared with a very long, blonde, curly mullet. I mean it was long –

  • A few cards short of a full deck0

    In an attempt to rule the world this weekend I somehow managed to get everything on my to-do list done. I even tackled the laundry and got it hung up on the line outside. In celebration of my mighty victory over life, I took the kids to the splash pad at the park.

  • The Drums of War0

    Pow Wow season is quickly approaching and everywhere you look across Indian Country, moms and aunties are pulling out the big guns to get everyone’s regalia ready. It is the apex of the off-season.

  • If I never had to wash another dish0

    You know those hard times when it’s a “whatever’s-left-in-the-cupboard-is-what’s-for-dinner” kind of night? That’s what’s cooking in my household this month. For lunch today my daughter and I shared a tin of beans warmed in the microwave.