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  • Divide and Conquer3

    One of the most effective methods in warfare is to separate the attention of your enemy between many but equally important fronts and then strike while their focus is divided. The Canadian Government has been using this strategy as a method of fighting against the Native People of this continent.

  • Backgrounder on Bill C-10 An Act to amend the Criminal Code2

    The content of this article was put together from the Legislative Summary of Bill C-10: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (trafficking in contraband tobacco) and the testimony of witnesses at the Parliamentary Committee hearings.

  • Tobacco: History and Health1

    As I place Mr. X on a breathing machine he flashes me a look from his terrified eyes. I know this look well, the desperate cry for help of a drowning man. But he is not drowning in water. He has spent a lifetime drowning in smoke and his lungs are now so shattered that his tiring, heaving shoulders are unable to bring in enough air for his next breath. I will not be able to pull him back to shore. His lungs are failing, he is dying and he knows it.

  • A Tale of Two Cases0

    Last week two stories about the ongoing battle by New York State and the U.S. federal government against the Native tobacco trade hit the papers.