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  • Wahta Community Fire vacates protest site

    Wahta Community Fire vacates protest site0

    WAHTA – In a statement posted to their website and Facebook page, the Wahta Community Fire announced that as of Monday, September 22, 2014 they would vacate the encampment site in front of the Administration Building in the Wahta Mohawk territory and allow staff to return to their offices. The Community Fire indicated in the

  • Wahta Elected Council creates “enemies list”

    Wahta Elected Council creates “enemies list”17

    WAHTA – 120 days have passed since the Wahta Community Fire set up a ongoing protest camp in front of the Administration Building in the Wahta Mohawk Territory in order to prevent access by members of the Elected Council. The protest was initiated after the Elected Council publicly indicated that they would not abide by

  • Wahta Band Council threatens to sue Mohawk residents1

    On July 30, 2014 the Wahta Band Council issued Wahta Mohawk Residents a 10 day “cease and desist” order with the threat to sue for alleged costs incurred as a consequence of actions to keep elected officials out of administration.

  • Wahta Men’s Fire shuts down Band Council Office34

    WAHTA MOHAWK TERRITORY – Members of the Wahta Men’s Fire alongside community members and elders initiated a protest in front of the Administration Office on the morning of Tuesday May 6th, 2014 to voice their displeasure with the decisions of the recently elected Council. As a result, there is no access to the Wahta Mohawk Administration Office and it has been shut down indefinitely.