2018 CKRZ Music Festival rocks the grounds

From street dances to festivals, CKRZ has been a staple indigenous radio station for years and has evolved with the times.

SIX NATIONS — The CKRZ FM Radio Station hosted the 2018 CKRZ Music Festival at the Six Nations Community Hall and Parks and Recreation on Sunday, May 20, which was quick to become a family favourite.

The event hosted a car show, a home show, bouncy castles and of course — live music. The likes of Cale Crowe, Crown Lands, Mark LaForme, Dwayne LaForme, the Boogie Blues Band, Rez Dawgs, Joshua Miller, the Pappy Johns Band, and the Big Joe Blues Band were all MC’ed by Janet Rogers and Diane Kohoko to blend the spices of blues and rock together.

Executive Director of CKRZ Kim Logan said that the community volunteers including the Redrum bike riders who served as security, helped to make the event as good as it was.

“We had such an amazing response from the community, they wanted this just as much as we wanted to do it,” she said. “It was just an amazing response between community members inside and outside of the community that wanted to really be a part of it and liked what we wanted to do.”

“We really couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for all of those people that just said ‘yeah we’ll do it,’ or ‘let’s do it,’ or ‘here we go we’ll do this,’ and everything like that.”

She explained that the staff hadn’t done something like this in years as the concept came from events that used to take place in the plaza a decade ago.

“Approximately 10 years ago they used to do street dances, so that’s where this actually came from,” said Logan. “They would host street dances where they had the performers, and sometimes they would have a stage but over the years they would just have it under the awning over there, and just have it out here in the whole Ohsweken Plaza.”

But to make the event family friendly and as to not disturb the surrounding businesses and facilities, Logan knew that they would need a different venue.

“We wanted it to be a fun family event, so for the moms, dads, and the kids, she said. “But we thought that with the way the community has grown, we had to think of some other options.”

“We talked to Parks and Rec. and they welcomed us because they needed more attractions at the Bread and Cheese festival and we wanted to do something that would go back into the community.”

And go back into the community it did, as she explained that the festival was partly an opportunity to thank the sponsors of CKRZ as well as the community. The ratio of vendors and activities were perfect for families and the music was enjoyable for all ages.

But to keep with the family orientation, the event began at noon and finalized by 7 p.m.. Logan said that this time frame would also keep the festival from interfering with the other festivities such as the fireworks.

“We put it out there for all of the local musicians and we actually had to cut down the music list or we would have been out there until midnight,” she said. “But we had a really good turn out, and we got to have a mix of Six nations artists and New Credit artist as well.”

Their next event set to come is being dubbed “Art in the Park,” and Logan explained that both events are hoped to help CKRZ rebrand themselves and get out in the community.

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  1. Hi there.
    Looking for a bit of help. My family and I came to Six Nations Tuesday past to see Tribe Called Red. Very happy to find out that there were also a number of AWESOME artists performing that we didn’t expect, The one group in particular was called (I think) Six Bronx Zoo?????
    Could you tell me if that is their correct name. I( would love to buy some of their music but every time I type the name into the computer it brings me to the zoo in NY. Not what I’m looking for…lol.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much.
    Sean Porter

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