Jace Martin cascades into the U.S. Top 40

Ranked with artists such as Alessia Cara and Maroon 5, Six Nations Singer and Songwriter Jace Martin has earned the No. 35 spot on the Billboard Top 40 Radio Hit List with his 2015 hit “Free to Fly”.

“Free to Fly” received huge response as fans showed their support by tweeting requests, making Martin’s song a “debut with a bullet” on the chart from January 2 to 30.

“Which means [the song] didn’t climb the charts, it shot right to and debuted at No. 35,” said Martin, who is thankful for the support. “I just want to thank Six Nations for all of your support in helping me achieve my dreams.”

But “Free to Fly” has already broke ground in the indigenous music sector as it will be licensed by the APTN hit Mohawk Girls, as well as have a part in season two of Derek Miller’s “Guilt Free Zone”. Martin said it is the song that has taken his career “to new heights”.

“Free to Fly has had me touring for nearly three years,” he said. “It has allowed me to be heard by over 400 Million people during PanAm Games Closing Ceremonies, and be featured in the Vocalist Magazine & Outdoor Lifestyle.”

When asked what he thought helped to make the song a hit, Martin explained that indigenous radio and media helped to drive its notoriety, but it is also the song itself.

“I truly believe it is the song. It has to have all the elements; timing of release, tone of song, lyrics, melody, and it has to have industry standard sound and production. After that, it is a roll of the dice,” he said. “No one really knows what the radio audience will like. I think “Free to Fly” has the right message and feel. It is a positive song that inspires you.”

The process for Martin with this particular single led him to musician Justin Abedin and his helpful music director to help “define the new Jace Martin sound”.

“The process was such an eye opener for me, and I used that knowledge to produce a few other artists like Six Nations Guitar Slinger, A.K Mcleod and 14-year-old Rising Country Artist, Leah Belle,” he said.

But in regards to himself and what he has learned throughout the process of producing his own music, Martin said he maintains the principles of integrity, honesty and respect as an artist, and really feels like he was “born to do this”.

“And I get confidence from knowing that I will be successful as long I am true to myself,” he said. “You do need to have thick skin. People will attack every aspect of who you are in order to get you to give up. But don’t compete with anyone but yourself because there is no one in the world that is exactly like you.”

“The most important thing I learned to be true is make sure your character is solid. Your Talent will make room for you, but your character will keep you there.”

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