About Living Rooms introduces new line of Canadian made power lift chairs

Brantford’s “About Living Rooms” is boasting a large selection of quality power lift chairs, with modern looking styles to fit any decor. 

John Diakun, better known as John Jr., opened About Living Rooms eight years ago located at 82 Usher Street in Brantford, a little off the beaten path. He has now brought his business into his father’s long established Sleep ‘n Comfort location at 75 Grey Street at the corner of Clarence Street, in the heart of the city.

John Jr. ran a good business for 8 years on Usher St., but since the move, his business has really taken off.

Both businesses are family owned and operated and both still believe in customer service before and after each sale.

Lately John Jr. has beefed up his power lift chair selection recognizing an aging population and the needs they will have to consider.

“These power lift chairs help people getting in and out of a chair with ease,” says John Jr. “Anybody who may have leg problems or hip problems or sore joints in general will find these chairs are very helpful. Somebody who is really not stable on their feet and doesn’t want that long drop to the chair will appreciate it as well. It is also very good for people with diabetic conditions who find it hard to get in and out of a chair.”

With the push of a button the chair elevates a person, from the stand to sit to recline position and back. “Once in the chair, the push down button becomes a normal chair or the user can keep pushing the down position and it becomes a recliner.”

His new line is very stylish, and has more than 300 fabrics and leathers to choose from, making today’s powerlift chairs able to fit any decor.

“The difference between this line and the others is that they are not your traditional rocker recliner with big puffy backs and arms,” says Diakun. “We still do stock the larger models, but the new line is great for people with more limited space or those who like a more modern style. It offers all the same features and comforts as your traditional recliner would, but with a more up to date look. They are extremely comfortable and come with lots of option. You have power recline, swivel, manual recline, and lay flat.”

They come in a variety of sizes for all body types.

Prices start at $999 and go up from there.

Diakun recognizes that there are cheaper lines out there, but he wants to put quality first with furniture that will stand up to regular use and the passing of time. The electronics and quality components in these chairs will keep them meeting peoples’ needs for years to come. And in case the hydro goes out, the chairs have a battery back-up in order to keep operating in an emergency.

“It comes with a very good warranty and even after that warranty has expired, it is easy to fix and parts are readily available.”
“We have financing and can do up to 24 months of equal payments,” he adds. “We gladly accept status cards for our First Nations friends, and we deliver tax free to the Six Nations/New Credit reserves as well.”

Diakun’s sales staff are courteous and knowledgeable. His delivery staff are prompt and efficient. Not only will they set up the furniture for the customer, but they can haul away the old chair if needed.

“You can’t tell somebody about how comfortable these chairs are,” says Diakun. “You really have to come in and sit in one to know.”

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