• Giving honour to the late falling snow

    Giving honour to the late falling snow0

    There’s been something different about this unrelenting snow. Maybe it’s my age and I’m getting sentimental. But I just can’t get mad that it isn’t fully spring yet. It was a late night pause at the Taco Bell drive through when I had my a-ha moment. Which, admittedly we are doing way too much these

  • Gettin‘er done

    Gettin‘er done0

    Allow me to welcome you into my crisis for a moment. Today has been one of those days. I have eaten the topping off two slices of pizza and a few handfuls of peanuts for dinner. Way too many peanuts. Why did I buy these dang peanuts? The baby awaits, crying. Is she teething? Is

  • Etymology of the word bwoot

    Etymology of the word bwoot2

    Among the Haudeonsaunee of Six Nations is a long standing debate over the word “bwoot”. Bwoot, for those of you who don’t know, is the rez word for poop. Now without getting gross let’s actually talk about bwoot. Nobody is really sure how the bwoot word came to be. Some speculate it has historical connections.

  • What I was taught

    What I was taught0

    Someone asked on Facebook what the origin story is for the game of dingball. “This is what I was taught…” Dingball actually has a rather embarassing backstory for the Mohawk nation. It started as a women’s game. Long ago, a Wyandot woman fell in love with a Mohawk man but they lived in villages far,

  • Why racist comments are a big deal

    Why racist comments are a big deal0

    This week a Six Nations family was subjected to not one, but two instances of public humiliation when they overheard several racist remarks at a local dentist office. These are the kinds of stories that go viral, and in fact this one did. Over 1000 shares in just 24 hours on Facebook. CH News covered

  • The struggle of parenting is real

    The struggle of parenting is real0

    Last week my 7 year old brought a note home from school. It went something along the lines of ‘Your daughter has missed far too much school. She’s also late too much. We need to talk.’ This is not the kind of note that makes a parent feel good in any direction. As a mother,