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  • Aboriginal Affairs critic Carolyn Bennett talks with Two Row Times1

    OTTAWA – The election has not yet been called, but the race is underway nonetheless. The Two Row Times conducted a telephone interview with Federal Liberal Aboriginal Affairs Critic, Carolyn Bennett, about a number of issues facing Onkwehon:we families, should Steven Harpers Conservatives retain control over Parliament Hill in Ottawa after the next election. Bennett

  • “Jaywalking to jail” in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside0

    The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU)  – a people’s organization in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) of Vancouver made up of over 2000 drug users who live in the community – staged a protest at a meeting of the Vancouver Police Services Board last week, where a report was being tabled by Vancouver police

  • Lakotas face off with white supremacists in Leith, North Dakota0

    LEITH, North Dakota — On Sunday, September 22nd, Lakotas and Dakotas arrived in Leith, near the Standing Rock Indian Nation, to defend the town from an invasion and takeover by white supremacists. Chase Iron Eyes, Lakota from Standing Rock, said on arriving in Leith, “We don’t try to persuade anyone. Warriors do not need to