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    Ultimate Gaming Headset Buyers Guide

    Having just the right headset is so important for creating a truly immersive gaming experience. These days a mid-level price range for PC gaming headsets is around $100. I wanted to review a selection of different headsets at this price range while sticking to USB digital audio for quality....
  • MonturePatricia_LG

    Book celebrates an accomplished mohawk legal scholar

    Journeying Forward: Dreaming First Nations’ Independence remains a powerful and thoughtful discussion of First Nations and self-government in Canada. Its author, Patricia Monture-Angus (September 24, 1958 – November 17, 2010), was a noted Mohawk legal scholar and activist. Her 1999 book details her personal argument for First Nations’ independence...
  • Former Heavy Weight Canadian Champ and the best known Canadian fighter in history, George Chuvalo visited the Mississaugas of the New Credit reserve after making a couple of stops earlier in the day at area high schools. The event was organized of the New Credit Mental Health Program. Photos by Jim Windle

    Chuvalo’s message hits home

    NEW CREDIT – Former Canadian Heavy weight Champ, George Chuvalo knocked them out at the Mississaugas of the New Credit Community Hall last week. The event was put on by the New Credit Mental Health Program and focused on an anti-drug theme. This is an issue Chuvalo is intimately...
  • dreaming in indian

    ‘Dreaming in Indian’ defies stereotypes

    Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices is a visually stunning and thought-provoking anthology featuring the work 46 First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists. Both established and first-time authors, musicians, poets, filmmakers, photographers and creative thinkers contribute to the book on such questions as identity, authentic voice and honesty....
  • Julie Flett

    Exciting children’s books provided for First Nations’ local libraries supports First Nations Community Libraries in several ways. One of the ways we help is by offering a selection of book titles chosen by experienced First Nation Public Librarians in Southern Ontario. This collection of recommended books for an annual reading program was launched in 2003 by the...
  • OLA Authors 2015-2100

    Residential Schools History Book Launched in Toronto

    Residential Schools, With the Words and Images of Survivors, is a book documenting and honouring the history of the survivors and former students who attended residential schools. Designed for the young adult reader as well as the general reader, this accessible, 112-page history offers first-person perspectives of the residential...
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    Celebrating Ongwehowe Authors (Continued)

    The Rotinonshonni: A Traditional Iroquoian History Through the Eyes of Teharonhia:wako and Sawiskera by Mohawk scholar Brian Rice offers a comprehensive history based on the oral traditions of the Rotinonshonni Longhouse People, also known as the Haudenosaunee or Iroquois. Drawing upon J. N. B. Hewitt’s translation and the oral...
  • john mohawk

    Celebrating Ongwehowe authors

    Today when teachers and education consultants visit in person or attend a book display, they most often request a title written by a First Nation author. Since the opening of in 2000, our website has tried to identify Indigenous authors and illustrators whenever possible. The following reviews...
  • destiny chars

    Destined to disappoint the hardcore fans

    Video game review: Destiny (PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX One) Although it was “only a video game” the Halo series made a significant cultural impact on the millennial generation when it was released in 2001. This Sci-Fi shooter was a breakout hit like Star Wars was in the 80’s...
  • Anishinaabe storyteller releases new graphic novel

    The Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws: Council of the Animals is the sixth title in the award-winning series by Ojibwe storyteller and author Chad Solomon. This 32-page graphic novel is published under Chad’s publishing company, Little Spirit Bear Productions (LSBP). LSBP is a Graphic Narrative company established in...
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    Reading about the Creator’s game

    The Warriors is a children’s novel by Abenaki author and storyteller Joseph Bruchac. In this contemporary story, Jake Forrest, a 12-year-old Iroquois boy, tries to balance his reservation upbringing in an urban setting. The story begins with Jake playing his favourite sport, lacrosse, at his home community’s arena. Jake...
  • Celebrating Ongwehowe Artists

    Iroquois Art, Power, and History is a richly illustrated book written by art historian and anthropology professor Neal B. Keating. He explores Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois) visual expression through more than five thousand years, from its emergence in North America into the early twenty-first century. The 348-page volume draws...
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