Canadians cannot judge Six Nations

It looks like HCCC and SNEC have released a joint statement.

Although we are forced to participate with the Indian Act if we want to live on our own land, not everyone feels represented by the Elected Council. On the other hand, even less may have proper representation at present days Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council.

They say that it’s everyone’s responsibility to know their clan and chief but what about the thousands of Six Nations people who are left out in the cold with no political representation of any kind?

This is not blame, it’s just a fact.

All in all, Six Nations is actually doing pretty good considering the horrific tragedies we have collectively suffered at the hands of colonialism.

Six Nations survived.

Let’s celebrate each other, let’s celebrate the fact that our families even made it. Condemning each other for not knowing who your clan is, or not being Onkwehon:weh enough will only compound colonial trauma and cause further damage to our already precarious situation.

Some of us might have been homogenized into one big Six Nations group since our ancestors campaigned into Upper Canada with Captain Joseph Brant over two hundred years ago. What historians conveniently forget is that millions of us were wiped out by smallpox and other diseases throughout the 16th and 17th centuries – before any of us had even seen the first European.

Who can lay blame upon the survivors of genocide?

If the same level of catastrophe was applied across the entire earth today it would reduce the global population from 7.4 billion down to 375 million homosapiens. At that point, would the United Nations and NATO still meet regularly or would human survival take precedence? Would countries still try to retain their nationalities and languages or would they give up after a few generations?

Canadians should keep their opinions to themselves regarding the state of Six Nations affairs because its their imposed government that caused the damage we are trying to repair.

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