EDITORIAL: Pocahontas is a lie

Donald Trump is totally unable to grasp why Pocahontas is a racist term and probably even believes he is “honouring” U.S. Senator Elizabeth who responded calling Trump’s remark a “racial slur.”

This editorial isn’t for Trump — he is beyond help. This is for the rest of you who maybe don’t get it, but are willing to understand.

Thomas King wrote about “two kinds of Indians” in his book, The Inconvient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America. The first he calls the “Dead Indian” which is a figment of the American people’s imaginations, this is the race of noble savages that you’ve probably seen in the movies.

“Dead Indians” are the one-dimensional sub-humans that dance around fires and who gave away their country to the U.S. for free. These days you can find them on sports jerseys, like Cleveland’s and Washington’s. Everyone is proud to have a “Dead Indian” as a great-great grandmother but no one wants to actually be one. They exist only in Hollywood and Never-Never Land.

The second kind is the “Live Indian” which are the kind Americans do not want in America. These are the people that live on reservations, block roads and demand treaty rights. Live Indians speak English exceptionally well, are on social media — some prefer luxury vehicles. Live Indians stop pipelines.

“In order to maintain the cult and sanctity of the Dead Indian, North America has decided that Live Indians living today cannot be genuine Indians.” Thus, “Live Indians” suffer not only from the “annoyance” of being invisible, but also from the “crushing” burden of being “inauthentic,” says Thomas King.

This is specifically why Trump is trying to rebrand us as “Dead Indians” when he invokes the racist label Pocahontas.

First of all, Disney’s poor attempt at an adaptation of Pocahontas is so horribly inaccurate that indigenous people should launch a class action lawsuit against the film company for the $346 million Disney grossed for their part in cultural genocide.

We need to hold people accountable. Jim Pentecost was responsible for producing this atrocity. Disney’s Pocahontas was written by Carl Binder, Susannah Grant, Philip LaZebnik who like James Fenimore Cooper before them did their very best to totally revise history according to their own whims and fancies.

The real story of Pocahontas is a grim account of the abduction and rape of 10-year-old Matoaka of the Powhatan east coast peoples who were located in what is now Virginia. For a historical review see the article written by Chezney Martin within this issue. Pocahontas roughly translates to “naughty one.” This children’s film reflects the subtle pedophilia being suggested by the corrupt Hollywood film industry. Pocahontas shouldn’t be a child’s animated adventure it should be an actual horror movie.

Matoaka was not naughty. She was a victim of colonization, cultural genocide and imposed patriarchy and what makes matters worse Disney made a movie glorifying the child-abduction and claiming it was love. Now she is immortalized as a real “Disney Princess” and became the fairy godmother to a billion guilty Americans who want their conscience massaged.

Dear President Trump and the U.S.: Your Pocahontas is a lie.

When Donald Trump calls Native American Senator “Pocahontas” he is invoking 525 years of false narrative.

What he is really saying is “Your people were defeated in the war,” which is not true – Smallpox got us. When Trump says “Pocahontas” he is really saying “European-Americans are not immigrants,” which they are. When Trump says “Pocahontas” he is trying to say “We are superior.”

How ironic that Trump insulted American Veterans – the Codetalkers even – all while standing near a picture of Andrew Jackson, his spiritual forefather, colonizer and the evil genius behind the Trail of Tears. Jackson murdered at least 15,000 native people by legislation passed in 1830.

Trump can take a knee. To the face.

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