HDI Director publishes confusing theories

This week, HDI Director Hazel Hill published her HDI report to the Confederacy Council on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy’s website. What one would expect to be a boring detailed list of the things accomplished in the last month is actually a 16 page conspiracy laden and confusing rant that leaves the reader wondering if Hill has lost touch with reality.

Hill’s rationale is bizarre as she goes into great detail to explain who is involved in a move to destroy the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and how they are doing it.

Hill claims in her report that the opposition to HDI is a grand scheme to dethrone the HCCC “being orchestrated by NASA who over-see’s the space missions for Washington.”

Hill then writes that NASA is “looking for an entry gate into the Upper Chamber where our ancestors remain, and where we came and where our loved ones return upon death – the Skyworld.”

Now for those of you unfamiliar with Iroquois Cosmology and the Creation Story — let’s just say this is hot garbage. Hill is not telling the truth and her take on HDI being held accountable for doing transactions without the consent of the Haudenosaunee people is frightening.

Hill writes that NASA stole something shiny from the moon during Neil Armstrong’s 1969 voyage — that rightly belongs to the Haudenosaunee and that Russia, China and the USA are fighting over that shiny thing. She says this is the reason HDI has been working to reclaim lands for the Confederacy.

I *think* that is what she said. It is honestly so incoherent and disconnected it is hard to draw any conclusions except that Hill is no longer using a good mind.

Hill further writes that the Haudenosaunee Council in the United States worked in cooperation with the Men’s Fire, Ottawa, the Six Nations Elected Council, Turtle Island News publisher Lynda Powless, the HCCC’s finance board, Justin Trudeau and lawyers of “the Crown” to place the HCCC under Domestic Sovereignty. Oh — and the Vatican. And the Pope with the help of Mohawk Chief Allan McNaughton.

To quote the white girls — I literally can’t even.

What should be gravely concerning to everyone involved, is that this is the person granted “the authority to bind the HCCC” in the Samsung agreements. Yes, those same agreements where Hill and HCCC’s Secretary Jock Hill agreed to waive the application of sovereign immunity on Haudenosaunee traditional territory.

Hill also takes a Trumpian position in her response to not responding to media. Hill writes that “Newspapers do not represent the interests of the Haudenosaunee but rather the interests of the particular paper and its owners personal viewpoint or agenda.’ To quote the Crees – not even.

It is the job of the media to press elected and appointed government officials, corporate leaders and public service employees for answers. It is our job to convey those answers to the public. And the public has a right to know what is being done on their behalf — especially given HDI’s previously showed the Haudenosaunee people there is a price for their sovereignty — about $30 bucks a head for all the Haudenosaunee people in the Dish with One Spoon Territory — but who’s counting?

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