Play the winter blues away

How about those temperatures? Last Saturday morning was a crisp and sunny -25 Celsius. For the older generation out there, that’s -13 Fahrenheit. For the scientists out there, that’s 248.15 Kelvin.

And the cold has been relentless.

The Two Row Times did a small survey and found that many gas stations along the outskirts of the reserve such as Highway 54 have attendants who regularly receive cash tips. One attendant interviewed said 85 per cent of gas customers will tip especially during these freezing winter months. She also stated that when she pumped gas in the “interior” of the reserve she didn’t receive hardly any tips at all, even in winter.

Almost every fuel station is full service in Six Nations. For 2018 let’s start tipping our gas attendants who are out there battling the cold.

Winter is inherently a lonely time and after the holiday craze wears off everyone resumes their sense of normality and life goes on.

Growing up on reserve children battle isolation on a daily basis, especially in the winter. You can only play outside in the sub-zero temperatures for so long before your face freezes off. And your kinda in a remote location and need vehicle transport to get anywhere or see anyone.

Some young people fought against that by getting really competitive with video games.

In the ‘90s video games were viewed with suspicion by society but now it has become a worldwide industry valued at $100 billion per year.

Today in 2018 it seems like every home has a PS4 or an XBOX and a few have even ascended to the PC for ultra-graphics settings.

Internet speeds are rising on Six Nations,

Video games are the new normal and as VR (virtual reality) slowly creeps into our lives digital entertainment and social media will be integrated into a single immersive experience.

People are just indoors on digital media every day.

So, let’s embrace it. Let’s create a day when we relax and play video games together. Every one of all ages can meet for a few hours at the Community Hall this Saturday and maybe meet a few new friends.

Our plan is to link eight Nintendo Switches together for an Ultimate Mario Race Party. There may be a Smash Bro’s set up again like last year. Whatever we can have set up that’s what we will do. But our goal is to foster some time together indoors as a safe space to interact and have fun.

Showcase your skills. See the poster on the opposite page to this.

The forecast says that this Saturday will only be -17 C and it will be sunny again just like last week!

And make sure you tip your gas attendant on your way there.

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