Seeking a Resolution

I don’t know about you, but when I hear people say that they’re at the blockade for the sake of sovereignty it makes me cringe.

I mean, from what I understand as both a Haudenosaunee woman and resident of Six Nations is that if you’re at the blockade, you’re helping to try to remove the injunction on the Burtch Lands. And to me that sounds like an awful lot of hell raising with our neighbours and businesses on Highway No. 6 and Sixth Line just to remove an injunction that was legally put in place on lands that were questionably passed from HCCC to SNEC near Cockshutt Road.

There was a notice given by the SNEC to the HCCC Secretary notifying that the Burtch Lands would be transferred to an SNEC corporation that would hold legal title to the land to later be transferred as part of the Six Nations of the Grand River through the Federal Addition to Reserve Process on August of 2016. The HCCC didn’t respond to the notice, and the farmer currently under the injunction entered the land sometime in May of 2017.

I understand that this whole situation in it’s entirety has brought our people together – it really has, and I seen it with my own eyes at the speedway. It was powerful and beautiful in the way that everyone had time to speak and everyone had a different point to bring to light. But to me, there were faces that should have been at that speedway meeting that weren’t.

The verdict of the speedway meeting was to meet at the SNEC general council on Tuesday night to tell SNEC that the blockade will come down if the injunction is removed. I’m sure that many of us don’t even know the process of removing an injunction or how long it will take.

There are businesses that are losing money, employees that have to get up earlier to commute and accommodate the blockade, and I’m more than sure that those healing relationships with the people of Caledonia are under fire as we speak.

So, I’m praying that a resolution will make itself known and soon because a blockade shouldn’t be put up on behalf or for the benefit of one person.

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  1. and those that say blockade is not the way…then i ask you now… then why is it that the iilegal land transfer of “our“ land was not stopped or very little done to stop it??? now those whom care to do something are doing something for “our“ lands…not for just one…what is planted in the land should not be a concern unless colonial minds makes it a concern… what is important not giving up stewardship of the land for the sake of your children….unless you all want to be Canadians/traitors of the great peace for all should know the people have a right to whatever to stop the chopping of the root of the great peace tree…which is a issue on this issue as well…

  2. what do you mean legal by this??.. businesses on Highway No. 6 and Sixth Line just to remove an injunction that was legally put in place on lands … legally.. so now you have given the crown the say and by the sounds of it now kneel and bow to the crown???? that is not haudenosaunni according to the great peace…if true haudenosaunni the it should read “illegal “ and why my concerned of some of people being lead blindly to becoming canadaiens…

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