Finding balance with creation

There comes a time in life when we consider options for finding balance: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We strive to achieve a “Good Mind” and good “Way of Life” to find harmony with ourselves, family, friends, communities and our Earth Mother.

Many avenues allow us to achieve this goal. For some, it appears at the time of crossing to meet our relatives. Our personal choices or options for healing are vast, just like the number of foods that can provide us with sustenance. Our ancestors selected from a wide variety of different plants, trees and animals according to the seasons to feed and heal our bodies, whereas now we ‘choose’ only what is available on the shelf at the grocery store.

Natural healing can be simple or complicated. To sit outdoors, to breathe fresh morning air, to walk on a nature trail, to camp by a river are all things that nourish our mind, body and soul. We can also select from a vast array of healing modalities. From massages to soothe aching joints and muscles to hands on healing, the choices are numerous.

So what are we seeking? For some, the answer is connection. We are bombarded with daily stresses that divert us from living simply to paying for luxuries that the material world brainwashes us to think we can’t live without. Respect, sharing, caring, nurturing, honesty are values that are slipping away. Our families are becoming hungry and unhealthy, struggling with addictions. Our community reflects what and where we are.

When we live in harmony with Creation we are all equal and equally important. The challenge is to evaluate what that means and re-create a healthy environment. Why are we not focused on living off the grid? The technology to make this happen is everywhere. When those dollars come into the community, why not allocate them to helping us all by investing in alternative resources such as geo-thermal heating (no gas or oil bills to pay), solar energy, or huge community gardens that can feed everyone. Jobs will be created, with more money staying in the community. Health and wellness need to be seen in the broadest and most holistic way imaginable. It’s time to go back to basics and go forward into a healthy, hope-filled, sustainable future.
Image credit to Tawny Gamboa

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