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Introducing a collaboration between the TRT and SOADI

The Two Row Times (TRT) and the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI) are proud to present our new Health & Wellness section and to announce our partnership in making it happen.

The Two Row Times (TRT) and the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI) are proud to present our new Health & Wellness section and to announce our partnership in making it happen. 

Like all things we do, this section strives to respect the Two Row Wampum – and the commitment that our distinct nations: newcomers and Onkwehon:we, will treat each other in the spirit of peace, friendship and respect.

We will be providing our readers with knowledge from traditional healers belonging to the way of the canoe as well as the latest medical developments from scientific medicine brought to you by respected and compassionate health professionals who belong to the healthcare system of the ship.

Our efforts seek to both expand the awareness of solutions to difficult health problems, and to provide practical advice and ways of being which can prevent disease from arising in the first place.

We aim to address health matters holistically, understanding that health has mental, physical, spiritual, as well as social determinants that must be seen as being interconnected in order to find the best solutions.

We are particularly aware of the ways in which centuries of oppression have caused particular health problems afflicting Onkwehon:we communities. For example the scourge of Type 2 Diabetes has been driven by the “Gifts of European civilization – sugar, refined grains and alcohol, as well as poverty and exclusion and is not caused by a genetic defect amongst Onkwehon:we people as is commonly believed.

The section will be running weekly, and will be an essential resource for all those seeking to improve their health and wellness. Our regular contributors will include:

SOADI staff members, who will tap into their great practical knowledge on the front lines of native health advocacy by contributing articles and resources. While SOADI has a focus on addressing diabetes and the many underlying causes and cures for it, the expertise of their staff extends to a wide range of issues including food security and nutrition and sports and exercise.

Dr. Chris Keefer: an emergency physician at Brantford General Hospital.  He will be writing about common health issues faced by Onkwehon:we communities from the perspective of scientific medicine as well as exploring social determinants of health such as the impacts of poverty and racism.  Readers are welcome to contact him with suggestions about specific health topics to be covered in his columns.

Nahnda Garlow: who will explore a wide range of alternative and traditional medicines, and will showcase the work of local practitioners of the healing arts, as well as the grassroots stories of people struggling to improve their health and wellness.

We welcome your contributions and opinions of the public, and encourage you to get in touch with our editorial staff by emailing health@tworowtimes.com. We’re interested in hearing your stories and sharing your insights. If you wish to advertise within the our health and wellness section, you can do so by emailing ads@tworowtimes.com or by calling our office at 519-900-5535. We encourage our readers to check out SOADI’s webpage at www.soadi.ca and to access the various resources and supports which can be provided by their head office at 1-888-414-1370.

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The Staff

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