Make your choices, but now you know

My MC name is Sage, and I’m from Walpole Island First Nation (Bkejwanong Territory). I have 3 brothers and a beautiful sister. I had no clue what diabetes was until 2010 when I hooked up with Reztore Pride. Diabetes to me was something that people got when they were old! I was so wrong. I have lost quite a few family members and friends to disease and addiction.

I did almost 10 years out of my life inside four walls for things I did when I was a teen and it still haunts me today. I would say I been through a lot in my short life. To tell you the truth “I don’t want to die” and I don’t want my kids or family to become affected with diabetes.

Growing up my family was poor and my mom and dad were alcoholics. The place where we grew up was ruff and poor South Westside Detroit Michigan. My mom never taught me anything about things to watch out for in life, she fed us what she could. I remember eating the same things all the time – greasy fried food, lots of butter and lard, drinking pop, eating chips, hot dogs, and candy!

When I started learning about diabetes my life style started changing, and fast food made me feel sick. I drank water instead of pop. It’s because that seed was planted in my head. I know it’s bad’ so my body don’t like it or need it any more. My fridge is completely different! I share this when I do the Reztore pride shows. I hope that I as an artist, I can help people or change people’s minds, or my song can motivate others to think before they act, and think before they eat. As I rap in one of my songs: “Who new one day that the foods that we eat/would leave us in the hospital with no feet.” I lost a few people I knew and met a lot new friends who have diabetes.

I met this young kid from Labrador who is in a wheel chair, overweight, and has diabetes type 2. He says Reztore pride inspired him and the CD made him want to write music and bring a positive message to the rap game and change the way he eats.

I’ve been recording music since 2003, free styling and writing since I was 9, and I never thought my life would make such a U turn like it did. I changed the way I eat, and I sing the message I bring to the world and to the friends I cherish.

I have 3 kids and my oldest son Sabian Saige, he is a natural born leader! He is at the top of his grade 4 class and has kids bringing in oranges and apples cut up in a container, water instead of juice, he looks at the calories on the boxes to see the effects it has on his body. I’m so proud of him.

It’s all because of SOADI and Reztore Pride. Also the knowledge we receive at every show with a Diabetes Prevention worker is helping. Every time we learn more and more, and if it’s affecting him like that, I know it’s helping other youth and others who don’t know. My son loves participating in the B-boy / B-girl workshops, loves exercising and drinking plenty of water.

I never thought about the foods affecting him when he got older, so I never paid attention to fast foods, sugars and sweet unhealthy stuff. I did it because that’s how I was raised, and I never got what I wanted. So I got him whatever not thinking health wise. As we learned we try our hardest to be healthy. Try to slow down on eating junk food, until your body doesn’t need it anymore.

It’s hard being a good eater these days when everyone else is eating junk and we’re trying to eat healthy. Junk food is everywhere, just like the beer store has the brightest sign on the whole street.

If I can say one thing to the people, it would be to cherish life and your body like it’s a 300 million dollar ticket because you only get one. Teach your children health and real life. This is my message to you. I’m trying to change and I hope you do too; cuz once you know about diabetes you know… you can change your life or remain the same but you can’t say you didn’t know! Respect.


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