Popular Twitch streamers raise money for charity at PGI 2018

One million dollars in prize money was donated to various charities after the dust settled at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany late last month for the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI). Twenty, four-player teams from around the world were competing in the survival-shooter video game PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) and it was watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch.tv.

First place winners were South Koreans EscA, SimSn, EVERMORE, and Juan but most North American viewers cheered for the Toronto kid with amazing aim, Shroud (aka Michael Grzesiek) who placed in 8th. Shroud, an ex-CS:GO professional has almost 4 million followers on Twitch.tv and for the charity tournament was teamed up with another gaming superstar DrDisRespect (aka Guy Beahm) who has almost 2.6 million followers. The pair has over a quarter billion total views on the Twitch.tv website.

Shroud and DrDisRespect despite their huge popularity did not have the skills necessary to compete with the pros even though they were paired with professional players Miccoy and BALLOC. Their four man squad was consistently wrecked in each of the four matches scheduled.

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja did a little better, placing 5th along with JoshOG, Mossy, and MORTIFY in the Sierra team.

Around 16 minutes into their first match DrDisRespect was accidently killed by a bad grenade thrown by “pro” player Miccoy. “I needed to wake up anyway,” is what the Dr. said in a happy tone over voice chat. DrDisRespect was killed two minutes later by fellow streamer JoshOG and finished with zero kills which must have been a big disappointment.

In round 2 Shroud’s team landed in Pochinki (aka Hell) again and Shroud decided to try something very different by using a silenced 9mm sniper rifle, the VSS. He usually takes the most powerful sniper the Kar98k which has one-shot killing power but in round two he took a gun that is almost completely opposite in every way. Although he knocked a few enemies with it, he died out of position early in the match and had to watch his teammates struggle without him. It’s notable that in match two, DrDisRespect survived until there only 6 other players left and scored major points for his team.

Round 3 was much the same as round 1 except for a special highlight. Ninja, the streamer who plays Fortnite with Drake happened to find Shroud vulnerable and finished him off in a white knuckle gun fight that lasted half a second. The crowd at Berlin went wild. Shroud must have hit Ninja at with at least 4 bullets from his UMP9 submachine gun but it wasn’t enough to win. They finished in 16th out of 20 teams in that round.

The 4th round consisted of many Shroud highlight reels and he really did hold his own as the only survivor from his squad who dropped at the deadly military base. If you google “shroud grenade” you will most definitely see a clip from this round when a frag that Shroud threw just missed some enemies to the wonderment of all.

You can see full VoDs of the PGI Charity Showdown on Dr DisRespectShroud, and Ninja’s Twitch Channels.

Meanwihle, in professional First Person Perspective (FPP) competition Chinese team Oh My God scored first place, beating out Team Liquid, WTSG, and Natus Vincere. The Third Person Perspective (TPP) tournament also had a $1 million dollar prize pool, with South Koreans Gen.G Gold taking winning the $400k grand prize. OMG the 1st place Chinese team who had never competed in FPP before also placed 4th in the TPP tournament.

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