Anarchist wanted by police now on house arrest, banned from returning to Six Nations

TORONTO — A non-indigenous man from Toronto, identified as an anarchist by OPP and wanted for agitating a Six Nations land dispute in Caledonia has been arrested in Toronto and is banned from communicating with land defenders or returning to Six Nations.

Alex Hundert, 41, was described by OPP as an anarchist with a history of violent behaviour and influencing others to commit violent acts.

He was being sought in 2020 for his involvement in the McKenzie Meadows occupation where millions of dollars of heavy equipment was stolen and two Haldimand County roads were dug up, damaging critical infrastructure and coming dangerously close to a gas pipeline.

An arrest warrant was issued for Hundert and he was apprehended by police on March 2, 2021 in Toronto.

He has been charged with Mischief, Disobeying a Court Order, and 3 counts of Failing to Comply with a Release Order.

Hundert appeared in court via Zoom on March 3 and was ordered by the courts to house arrest at a home on Spadina Road in Toronto.

He is also prohibited from returning to Haldimand County or Six Nations.

The courts ordered Hundert to have no contact directly or indirectly with Skylar Williams, Kurt Gibson, Koko Newell, AJ (Allen) Graham, Todd Williams, Kaitlyn Smith, Korey Davis-Hout, Joshua Whitlow, Derick Whitlow, Deryl Porter, Audra Taillefer and Lyncoln Staats.

Sources say police were concerned for public safety in relation to Hundert’s presence at the occupation.

He was sentenced to 13.5 months in prison in 2012 for coercing others to commit mischief after he created and distributed a list of banks and political offices for people to target during the G20 protests in 2010. Those protests, which drew nearly 10,000 protesters into the streets of Toronto, saw 140 people injured and 40 shops vandalized to an estimated total of $750,000 worth of damage.

Sources say police believe Hundert is one of a group of white people co-opting indigenous land disputes across the country as a stage for criminal activity to further their own political narratives — leaving indigenous people on the hook in their home communities to be targeted by police in a system where indigenous men and women are already over represented and where white males have traditionally gotten off with a slap on the wrist.

Hundert was arrested on Six Nations at Chiefswood Park on January 5, 2021 and charged with Mischief and Disobeying a Court Order. He was held for a bail hearing and released with conditions which included not returning to Six Nations of the Grand River.

However, Hundert did return to Six Nations and sources told TRT he was staying at the home of Skyler Williams, one of the leaders of the Mckenzie Meadows occupation in Caledonia.

Hundert’s presence at the occupation became a hot button issue on Six Nations, one that took advantage of a community struggling to decolonize and find common ground amongst it’s internal factions — and later dividing the community of land defenders who supported “LandBack Lane”.

According to some who were directly involved at the land occupation, Hundert was asked to leave Six Nations by a group of LandBack Lane supporters, but was protected and sheltered by other LandBack Lane supporters — causing internal strife to land defenders in the community.

Six Nations residents eventually took to social media with frustrations and disappointment after learning a the majority of Six Nations land defenders that had originally supported the action had walked away — and that those who remained on site were largely people who were not from Six Nations.

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  1. Good article. hundert is as violent as they come. Glad to hear he’s been booted off the Rez. The author should look into why Alex was banned from Grassy Narrows. There’s a good story there, if you’re willing to look into it.

  2. Alex was banned from Grassy Narrows over allegations of sexual assault against FN girls while he was a teacher ther. If you see this guy, call the cops!!

  3. Alex Hundert was also kicked out of Grassy Narrows over allegation of sexually assaulting young FN women under the influence of alcohol when he was a teacher there.. Anyone who sees this scumbag around their Rez needs to call the cops immediately

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