Best assault weapon made in Canada

KITCHENER – What country makes the most badass assault gun in the world?

It’s not the U.S., or Germany, Britain, Israel, or even Russia. Colt Canada has taken the lead by actually designing a weapon that looks, acts and destroys like the “Master Chief’s” favourite choice of weapon from the video game, Halo.

This crazy looking weapon even ships with the latest hi-tech wizardry like electro-optical sights, optional telescopes ammunition, a three round, 40mm grenade launcher or a 12-gage shotgun. Ammunition in development for this futuristic weapon includes tracked and guided bullets.

It is illegal to own an assault weapon in Canada, but they don’t mind stocking the rest of the world with what can only be described as personally carried weapons of mass destruction.

A National Post article from mid-February puts peace-loving Canada as one of the most popular points of purchase for military weapons around the world. Colt Canada of Kitchener is bidding on a deal that would re-equip the Ukraine military with 100,000 assault rifles.

“I believe there is a long way to go in terms of being able to say there’s a Colt Canada opportunity in Ukraine,” Alex Payne, Colt Canada manager told Postmedia. “We have as equal a chance as anybody, but I think there’s a long process to go through in terms of them of finding the best weapon for the best price.”

Under the Conservative governed, the export of machine guns restrictions was lifted and the current Liberal government has not attempted close that door. Weapons created and built in Canada are currently in military use Denmark, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K., as well as the Canadian forces.

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