Changes to status card renewals at Six Nations membership

SIX NATIONS — Local residents were surprised this week to discover that Indian Status cards are no longer available at the Six Nations membership office.

A simple text notice posted on the front door of the membership office let visitors to the building know that card renewals were no longer available at the on-reserve office.

Response on social media was that of frustration as no public notice was made by SNEC prior to the notice posted on the door of the membership office

Six Nations Elected Council shared a statement to their Facebook page late Tuesday afternoon informing the community cards are no longer going to be distributed at the Six Nations office. “In the upcoming year, the laminated status cards issued by Six Nations Lands and Membership will be phased out,” reads the statement. “Currently the Membership Office does NOT have any cards available until further notice.”

The notice says Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada has also amended the identification that is required to obtain a status card.

The new parameters mean registrants must provide one acceptable government issued ID. Acceptable ID’s include a Drivers License, Provincial Identification Card, Passport or Nexus or a Photo Health Card. No birth certificate is required for an adult to register however an original or copy of a long form birth certificate is required with children’s initial applications to confirm percentage of children’s blood quantum.

Persons applying must also now supply two passport pictures when applying.

The wait time, according to the statement from SNEC, has been reduced from the initial four months. Band members can now apply at the Southern District INAC office in Brantford on Dalhousie Street or the Ontario Regional office in Toronto. Applications are available online from the ministry website.

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  1. Blood quantum, not sure what a birth certificate can prove over taking my blood sample. I’ll give them my blood as proof any day they want.
    I was taken in the early sixties. I looked at the form for that class action suit and guess what an honest man saw? A bunch of questions that referred to knowledge a child wouldn’t know. I couldn’t answer them honestly. I will get nothing.
    I have a letter saying that I was at the protestant boys home, got nothing.
    I lived on the banks area of the humber river by berry creek for over forty years during the negotiations for Toronto , carrying place, treaty, got nothing.
    The requirements to get an identification card are being ask for from me. I was the one taken. I was the one who went to school after those wonderful tv shows aired.
    Blood quantum, it’s probably still staining the playgrounds.

  2. Once again council on the ball notifying people about changes. And now that blood quantum is coming into play watch how many people will not get cards do to this little wrinkle. Remember when a group of our own got a job to research family genealogy on our people. Well now that will come into play. Thank you band council. Anyone want to hold a tar & feather party?

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