County issues water ban for Mt Pleasant, Tutela Heights

BRANT — The County of Brant has issued a temporary ban on outdoor water use for residents in the Mount Pleasant and Tutela Heights area until further notice.

“The outdoor water use ban takes effect today for all residents and business owners who are on the Mount Pleasant water system,” said Alex Davidson, Director of Environmental Services. “For the last few weeks, we have had hot, dry weather. The use of the water system for irrigation has led to several days of the Mount Pleasant well pumps running 24 hours straight and the reservoir is still losing volume.”

The ban includes external use of water from a hose or other attachment to the County drinking-water system.

“Customers’ water use has exceeded the capacity of the Mount Pleasant system,” said Davidson. “We ask that you take immediate action to conserve outdoor water use.”

The Tutela Heights area, although located in the City of Brantford, is supplied water from the Mount Pleasant (County of Brant) water services.

The County of Brant will issue an announcement when the water ban has been cancelled.

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