Fire Station No. 3 out of service

SIX NATIONS – Fire Station No. 3 located on Cayuga Rd. will be out of service for an indefinite period of time due to a shooting incident.

For an unknown reason, someone fired multiple gun shots at the station – approximately 10 entry/exit bullet holes were located in multiple sides of the Fire Station.

Thankfully no one was at the fire station when the incident occurred and no injuries have been reported.

The fire trucks which were in the station at the time of the shooting are currently out of service and will be inspected by our emergency vehicle technicians throughout the next few days to ensure they are fully operational and ready for emergency service before being placed back in service at one of our other fire stations.

Due to safety concerns for our responding firefighters, Fire Station No. 3 will remain out of service until we can ensure their safety.

This will cause a potential delayed response to community members living in the Cayuga Rd., River Range Rd., Oneida Rd., 6th Line and 5th Line areas of Six Nations.

We are asking that if anyone has any information with regards to this serious incident which is impacting our community please contact the Six Nations Police at 519-445-2811.

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