Garlow Print and Copy: old school methods for the new age

By Victor Martisius

SIX NATIONS – Garlow Print and Copy may seem like just another print shop but there is one distinction that may be overlooked. Andrew “Gump” Garlow, owner of Garlow Print and Copy, offers Six Nations their very own print shop that is owned and operated by the people who reside within this reserve.

“I brought it here so the work could be done by our people,” said Garlow.

Located directly between First and Second Line on Mohawk Road, the facility offers more than just an all Six Nations cast. They are one of the only print shops around that offers offset printing, a process in which the print shop uses real ink to paper instead of toner.

“There’s not too many people who do offset printing anymore,” explains Garlow. “A lot of companies [have switched to] photo-copying.”

Since the shop uses real offset printing, there are many things they have to take into account to get the best quality possible. One important aspect is the ratio of ink to water to ensure all print is even and readable.

“If you have the water set too high the print will come out weak. It’s the same with [having] too much ink,” said Garlow.

In the fast pace world of print, deadlines are always a moving target. Time management is an ever-developing skill.

“Three or four people will bring in the jobs and want results right away,” said Garlow.  “Sometimes you have to stay overtime.”

Garlow has had a very extensive career in print having worked all over Southern Ontario in places like Brantford, Hamilton and Toronto. His print shop used to be in the same building as the Two Row Times newspaper but the newspaper has recently moved to a new location on 50 Generations Drive. The print shop and newspaper are not connected with one another.

In this digital world, the family business offers true quality while staying faithful to industry standard timelines.

You can check out the print shop out online on their Facebook page but they wish to stay printing hard copy.

“[Printing] hasn’t really changed much,” said Garlow on the topic of hard copy versus digital. “A lot of things are easier done [digitally] and you have to have a good computer tech.”

Garlow Print and Copy takes pride in not taking the easy way out when it comes to their work.

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