HDI lawyer has drivers license suspended

BRANTFORD — It looks like HDI lawyer Aaron Detlor will be walking for a while. Detlor was pulled over in Brantford, Tuesday April 25, for driving while his license was under suspension. Detlor had his drivers license pulled before, only a few months ago after the Family Responsibilities Office (FRO) ordered Detlor to make good on his back support payments for his son.

Detlor’s ex-wife, Haylie Hofbour, has had more than her share of trouble with Detlor’s chronic late and insufficient child support payments over several years since the two separated. This has unnecessarily cost her tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, to chase Detlor for late payments, and personal loans she had to take out or borrow from friends to help get her and her son by until Detlor decided to pay up, and then only after legal prodding initiated by his ex.

It has been his habit to hold back payment for months at a time until Hofbour is forced to hire a lawyer to draft and send letters to Detlor with threats of legal action if he does not pay up in full by a certain date. This has put undue pressure on the single mom and her son living in humble conditions in a Toronto apartment.

Because Detlor is regarded by the FRO as a chronic abuser of the system, he was informed the last time his drivers license was suspended a few months ago, that next time, there would be no warning, just an automatic drivers license suspension and the impound of his vehicle for a minimum of seven days. This was carried out Monday, by Brantford city police. Because they are bound by protocol they could not deny or confirm, other than to say Mr. Detlor was not formally arrested however, his black Mercedes-Benzes SUV is being kept impounded at Ken’s Towing, in Brantford.

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  1. FRO is a fraud institute…… they wanted dipper money for 30year old…. because of a no date..
    its actual a form for welfare…. sign here or you kid gets nothing….. i;m out of the hospital and its base on your last 3 years of tax…
    so i got my index payment list off them…. a report off its data system…
    a scheduled A report <—- file closed….
    its full of errors…. read regulation code…. yet they up your payments via cola scams… then you have to fight them… they are thieves

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