HDI lawyer has drivers license suspended again

BRANTFORD — HDI lawyer Aaron Detlor was pulled over by police in Brantford last week, and his vehicle impounded, for driving while his license was under suspension.

This is not the first time Detlor had his drivers license revoked — an enforcement action taken by the province after the Family Responsibilities Office (FRO) ordered Detlor keep current with child support payments for his now 16 year-old son.

According to the child’s mother, Hayley Hofbauer, support payments for the last several years have been habitually late or skipped for months at a time until she is forced to hire a lawyer to draft and send letters to Detlor with threats of legal action if he does not pay up in full by a certain date.

This, she says, has put undue pressure on the single mom and their son who has specific health support needs.

Hofbauer says Detlor is now regarded by the FRO as a chronic abuser of the system, and will now lose his driver’s license when payments are not successful.

Hofbauer was told by the FRO that an automatic drivers license suspension and the impounding of his vehicle for a minimum of seven days was in order in this case.

This action was carried out last Monday, by Brantford Police who say because they are bound by protocol they could not deny or confirm their part in the impounding of Detlor’s car, other than to say Mr. Detlor was not formally arrested. However, as of Tuesday the lawyer’s black Mercedes-Benz SUV is being kept impounded at Ken’s Towing, in Brantford.

Detlor has previously asserted that he is not the lawyer for the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council, however an emailed statement was sent to the Two Row Times by the Chief’s Council in defence of Detlor’s arrears.

HCCC Media Advisor Lynda Powless wrote “Mr. Detlor is not in arrears with respect to child support nor was he in arrears as of April 25, 2017.”

Powless says Detlor is in “good standing” and offers claim the lawyer has “paid in advance through to June 1, 2017.”

Hofbauer says she has yet to receive payment and finds herself again having to deal with late or withheld funds while trying to make ends meet.

Hofbauer says she is frustrated with the way provincial officials are handling her case. The single mom was present at an FRO case last month where she photographed Detlor driving himself to and from the courthouse while his license was under suspension.

Hofbauer said, “I told the judge that and he didn’t seem to care. I even took pictures to prove it.”

She is not very pleased with the FRO either, who she says is enabling Detlor to remain in arrears.

“I haven’t asked him for anything for myself,” says Hofbauer. “This is all about supporting his son.”

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